The Joel Willer Award is named for one of CBI’s most influential members, and is presented in recognition for exceptional dedication and service to student electronic media.

Joel Willer was a founding member of CBI and part of its initial steering committee coming out of several meetings at the CMA convention in Kansas City in Fall 1998. Willer was the author of the first draft of the CBI constitution and, with Will Robedee, was a major cog in CBI’s legal fight and eventual settlement with SoundExchange in Non-Commercial Educational Webcaster rates and recordkeeping terms, which is still in effect today. A regular panelist at the national convention on those same legal matters until his retirement, he remains a vital cog for the organization with well-researched and cited answers to the many legal questions asked on the listserv by the membership.

Nominees should be active CBI members in good standing who have made a substantial and long-standing impact on student electronic media through teaching, advocacy, promotions or other means, which are demonstrable and last beyond their initial action.

Nominations for the 2017 award are closed. The deadline for nominations was May 5.

The recipient will be honored at the annual awards presentation in San Antonio as part of the National Student Electronic Media Convention.

For more information, email Awards Coordinator Steven Hames.

Previous honorees
2012: Joel Willer, University of Louisiana at Monroe
2014: Will Robedee, Rice University
2015: Warren “Koz” Kozireski, State University of New York at Brockport
2016: Greg Weston, University of Pittsburgh


Immediate Past President and 2016 Willer Award recipient Greg Weston with Executive Director and 2014 Willer Award recipient Will Robedee and 2015 Willer Award recipient Warren “Koz” Kozireski.