Proposed Changes to Webcasting Reporting and Recordkeeping

Requirements Potentially Threaten Your Webcasting – UPDATE

The Copyright Royalty Board issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making on May 2 of this year. Some of these changes could threaten your station’s ability to continue webcasting. CBI provided stations with a means to comment in this important proceeding.  The legal process allows for reply comments and those comments are due August 11, 2014.  CBI is working to protect the current exemption which protects all student stations from extensive recordkeeping and reporting requirements and needs your input in this effort. More information is available here.


Submit your session proposals for Seattle!

CBI, as a member driven and funded organization, depends highly on you to contribute your shared knowledge and resources.  In fact, the sharing of knowledge is an essential reason why CBI exists.  If  you have expertise in some matter, whether it be events, promotions, news, careers, sports, engineering, careers, WordPress, social media, convergence, and more. Whatever you think others would benefit from in a session, we encourage you to submit a session proposal.  Not every proposal received is accepted as CBI wants to continue its great session approval rating.

If you do not feel qualified, perhaps you know people who are.  Contact them and ask them if they have an hour to speak at the convention.  Or if you feel you are somewhat qualified, but would like to have others to rely upon to fill your knowledge gap, CBI can help.

If you know professionals in the local Seattle market, contact them.

CBI wants to see the most proposals possible so we can continue to select the best possible sessions for you.

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Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors for CBI Seattle


Exhibitor and sponsor information for CBI Seattle is ready. See how your company can be a part of the 2014 National Student Electronic Media Convention, Oct. 23-25 at the Renaissance Seattle.


CBI is your BEST resource concerning webcasting!

The Copyright Royalty Board, on remand, issued its final determination concerning webcasting fees and terms for 2011-2015 and re-affirmed the prior determinations that the CBI settlement concerning fees and reporting requirements is appropriate.  While CBI does share some thoughts concerning lower fees and reporting requirements for certain stations as proposed by another entity, the record evidence did not support those desires, thus the settlement negotiated stands.  CBI negotiated that settlement and thus is intimately familiar with it and what it requires your station to do and not do.  Please let us know if you have any questions concerning your obligations.

If your station has issues with the terms of the settlement (either cost of the minimum fee or fees above the ATH “cap”, contact us as we want to speak with you concerning the rates and terms for 2016-2020).


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