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WVBR to Bring Alternative Music to Ithaca

WVBR 93.5 FM Ithaca’s “real rock radio” is out and “Ithaca’s Alternative” is in.

This change of genre for the independent, Cornell student-run radio station comes after increasing confusion as to what constitutes “real rock.” In the recent years, the station has failed to focus its efforts on any particular decade or subgenre, leading to a lack of consistency within their sound.

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Student radio station ready to rock at record show

Vinyl albums are a major draw as a Plymouth-Canton student radio station prepares to rock and roll with its 10th annual fundraising record show.

“I think there’s just something to the sound of vinyl,” said Bill Keith, station manager of WSDP-FM (88.1). “If you have a decent record player and put on a brand new piece of vinyl, there’s something about the warmth that brings you in. It’s definitely a lot better than an MP3.”

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UMaine’s college radio station has been off-air for over a month

Regular broadcast listeners of WMEB 91.9 FM, the student-run radio station at the University of Maine, haven’t heard much of the station’s freeform variety of programming over the past month.

That’s because, after a fire at the transmitter site in early January, WMEB’s terrestrial signal has been off the air for five weeks and counting. The station has an online streaming presence, accessible on its website, which has been unaffected by the transmitter fire.

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Trapper Radio replaced: License transferred to Wyoming Public Media

After months of negotiation and red tape, the license of KNWT Trapper Radio — formerly the campus radio station of Northwest College — has been transferred to Wyoming Public Media.

KNWT Trapper Radio, 89.1 FM, went silent last July, a casualty of budget cuts and the elimination of the college’s radio/TV broadcasting program in 2016.

Attempts to transfer the license to Wyoming Public Media were initially hindered by a lease dispute between the college and the owner of Trapper Radio’s broadcast tower on Cedar Mountain, Legend Towers, LLC. The company confiscated roughly $30,000 worth of college equipment in the dispute last summer.

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Board Blog: Easy tips to keep your social media pages active

Sam Bulkley, CBI Student Representative

College broadcasters have to find many different ways to reach and engage their audience. But today, it is crucial to find interaction between your audience and your organization. Social media is one of the most important assets to use at your radio/television station. It gives you a chance to attract familiar, as well as unfamiliar, audience members.

Here are a few easy but effective ways to engage your audience or followers through social media:

  • Plug Yourself: First, make sure that your programming on your radio/television station includes promos for your social media platforms. This lets your main audience know where to find you outside of your primary medium
  • Website Content: Anything that you post to your website should also be shared through your social media pages. People will check in on Facebook more constantly than they will check in on your website, make sure they know you’re producing content.
  • Events: If you are putting on an event and hoping for a large turnout, make the event public on Facebook and invite everyone you can. The more exposure and people who publicly RSVP, the better.
  • Holidays/National Events: Making a themed post is simple but very effective during the different holidays throughout the year. So, wish your followers a happy… whatever time of year it is or remind them that Valentine’s day is coming up and chocolate will soon be on sale.
  • DJ/Staff Bios: These can be made in any format (text, audio, video) and posted to pretty much any platform. Bios will give your audience a personal connection to your volunteers/staff and share more information about who is a part of your program. These can be updated weekly featuring a new member of your crew.
  • Viral Trends: Keeping an eye out for any viral trends or even viral memes is advantageous to making a well received post. However, these trends are lasting shorter and shorter until they become irrelevant, so timeliness is key.
  • History/Alum Stories: Whether its a date that marks an important milestone in your program or a story about a close encounter with the FCC, people enjoy looking back on the history of your program. Reach out to alumni and ask for their favorite memories or stories to share with your followers.
  • Stickers around town: Have you recently found (or placed) a sticker of your organization in an interesting spot around town? Share it! It’s as easy as taking a picture and a caption that says, “Spotted.”
  • Interaction: Are you holding a remote to promote an upcoming event? You better make sure to take a picture of those hard working volunteers and share it to let your audience know where they can find you.
  • Anything new: If you are making changes to any little part of your organization, make sure to let your audience know. While updating hardware or software may sound routine and boring, if you are getting new equipment let your followers know that your content is going to look/sound better than ever before!

The best way to make your social media successful is to continue to be creative and engage with your audience in meaningful ways. Social media is key to fulfill a newly needed connection with your followers. So encourage staff to think creatively and outside the box to continue to find new ways to interact with your audience.

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Student Media in the News

‘Thank God For Monday’ to Present Special Series on Sexual Harassment

“As a program dedicated to helping people improve their work environment and careers, ‘Thank God for Monday’ has dealt with sexual harassment since the show’s beginning,” said Brother Greg Cellini. “As the #MeToo movement has shown, there is still much work to be done to create workplaces that are free from harassment and sexual violence. These three shows in February will focus on steps we can all take make permanent change.”

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After a sudden move, WKCO searches for a sense of place

“We have had a feeling of misplacement, so I feel like having a place to store the records is symbolic of that they do understand our position in the community,” Holstein said. “It is slow-moving, but that’s the College administration, the red tape.”

Jake Zeisel ’19, a recording specialist for WKCO, said that while the College has offered to help move their equipment, he will be largely responsible for setting it all up in the new space. In general, he does not think the administration has been helpful to WKCO during the transition. He said the College originally wanted to move WKCO into the Wright Center in Mount Vernon, but they had to tell Kohlman that it wouldn’t work, since none of them had cars.

Read more from the Kenyon Collegian.

Plus, the Radio Survivor College Radio Watch column

Support us when you shop for your Valentine. Go to and Amazon donates to College Broadcasters Inc.

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Student Media in the News

Attempting to shed “white” label, WBAR takes steps toward improving diversity

Nevertheless, WBAR’s long-standing reputation as a space for white students—albeit those with unconventional music taste—has proven difficult to shake. Although it was founded in the early 1990s as an alternative to Columbia’s student radio, WKCR, WBAR has often been a space dominated by white men from Columbia.

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Double Barrel Benefit 15: WKNC to host two-night diverse lineup at Kings

“Double Barrel is a way to bring together a bunch of really cool local music acts that span all of the different genres that WKNC host,” said Sara Darwish, a second-year studying social work and Arabic and the promotions director for WKNC. “To bring together all of these really cool local musicians and promote them while also creating revenue for the station is a win-win.”

On Feb. 2, Double Barrel Benefit 15 will start at popular music venue and bar Kings in downtown Raleigh. Friday night will see performances from Charlotte-based rap and hip-hop artist Well$, Durham rap and hip-hop artist Jooselord Magnus, and electronic artists Diaspoura and RGB.

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Plus the College Radio Watch column and the Radio Survivor Podcast answers your FAQs.

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Board Blog: Getting ready for the new year

Jamie Lynn Gilbert, CBI Treasurer

It’s nearing the end of January, which for many of you means gearing up for the new year. Not the new calendar year, but the new staff year. At WKNC, applications for our 2018-2019 general manager are due Feb. 1, with hiring in early March and a whole new staff scheduled to take over by the end of April. That means NOW is the time to go over a few things to get ready for your new staff.

Reflect on the old year

Chances are, one or more things didn’t go perfectly with your current team. Don’t play the blame game, but instead focus on areas for improvement. Do you never have January giveaways because your promotions team forgets to ask for them before leaving for winter break? Are you not getting new music into rotation regularly? Are your events not getting the attendance you want? What can your team do in the future to ensure better programming, promotions and production? Now is the time to ask those questions so you can …

Revise job descriptions

The time to revise job descriptions is before you hire anyone. Take a look at everyone’s job description each spring and make sure your staff is doing what you need them to be doing. If they aren’t, do those tasks need to reemphasized, reassigned to someone else or removed altogether? Do you need to add an assistant or reduce hours for a position? Making sure everyone has clearly defined responsibilities will ensure things don’t fall through the cracks when transitioning staff.

Plan for training

For the second year in a row, College Broadcasters, Inc. is part of the College Media Mega Workshop this July 12-15 in Minneapolis. I was fortunate to be able to send my current general manager in 2017 and I saw a huge benefit from the added management training. CBI will also be in Seattle Oct. 25-27 for the National Student Electronic Media Convention. My pool of general manager candidates come almost exclusively from convention attendees, which shows the value the convention has in preparing students for top management roles.

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Student Media in the News

William Paterson students visit Vieques, forge radio partnership

Nearly four months after Hurricane Maria touched down, battering the secluded island and knocking out its only radio station, nine communications students from William Paterson University traveled to Vieques this month for a weeklong humanitarian mission. The students, including members of the college radio station’s staff, donated equipment and expertise, and lent a helping hand to the island’s ongoing efforts to rebuild.

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KZSC in Santa Cruz asks: how college radio are you?

So, if you know Prince’s favorite color, your next question is “What band Father John Misty was in before going solo?” If you know that too, the next query is “What [does] ‘CMJ‘ stand for?”

Read more from Radio Survivor.

Plus, the College Radio Watch column and episode #125 of the Radio Survivor podcast

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Student Media in the News

Z88.9 WBZC To Go Online Only

College Radio Watch: 2017 Year in Review and More News

The past few weeks have also been busy as far as press attention for Radio Survivor, with mentions in the New York Times (low power FM story) and Haverford Magazine (podcasting article). Additionally, I have two new pieces for Radio World: College Radio Station Flies Overseas for Remote Broadcasts (about my home radio station KFJC’s recent travels to Iceland and Liverpool) and Radio Preservation from the Archive to the Classroom (about the November, 2017 Radio Preservation Task Force conference).

Read more from Radio Survivor.


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Board Blog: Hello 2018! And Hello CBI!

My name is Hames, Steven Hames and I am proud to be serving as CBI’s Secretary for this year … and hopefully for more (wink, wink, cough, cough).

Steven Hames, CBI Secretary

Many of you know that I have been serving CBI as the Awards Coordinator for the past five years, but there are a few things that you might not know about me. Professionally, I am the adviser for Viking Fusion and technology specialist for the Department of Communication at Berry College in northwest Georgia. A role that I have had since 2011. Before that, I served as a producer, director, and editor at several local origination television stations in north Georgia for 15 years.

I’m also a movie nerd. I’m that person who is always quoting movies and asking random movie trivia questions. I have always loved movies. When I was eight years old I saw this “little” film about a boy who befriends an alien. You may have heard of it … “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” That movie impacted me so much that two years later I decided that I wanted to work in film and TV for a living. And I did it. And I enjoyed it, but as I got older I realized that I wanted to give back and help others in the industry … especially those in college, as I had some great mentors who helped me as an undergrad. I had worked with and mentored several college interns over the years, so the appeal of working full-time at a college or university really spoke to me. And now I get to do that and I’m loving every minute of it.

A big reason for loving it, is seeing my students (my “adopted” children) succeed and be recognized for their hard work. I know many of you feel the same way. In the event that you don’t know, CBI has one of the premier platforms for students to be recognized on … the National Student Production Awards. The awards give students the opportunity to compete against students from across the nation, which is something they will be doing when they enter the job market, and to be recognized on a national level, which looks good on a resume. So while the submission window is still a couple of months away, it doesn’t hurt now for your station to identify and hold onto those news reports, shows, documentaries, commercials, etc. that you want to consider entering. Makes things a lot easier when those pesky deadlines approach.

And to paraphrase Truman Burbank from “The Truman Show,” in case I don’t see ya until the Seattle convention, Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

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Student Media in the News

Radio Survivor podcast recaps 2017

2017 was a year of ups and downs, from the continued growth of LPFM to the loss of net neutrality. All four Radio Survivors gather to review the year that was, assessing what happened in college radio, community radio and podcasting, with stops along the way in Istanbul, conspiracy theories and classical music. Jennifer, Matthew, Eric and Paul guarantee you won’t hear another look back at 2017 like this one.

Listen here.

SUNY Geneseo’s radio station to re-air local history series

“Geneseo Today,” airing at 10:30 a.m. will feature during the next few weeks a series of five interviews with alumni and others that were produced as part of an ongoing “WGSU History” series.

The rebroadcast is the result of January, due to holiday break, typically being a slow time of year for new student productions.

Read more from Livingston County News.

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Student Media in the News

Conservative students’ ‘Deplorable Radio’ show remains banned from university airwaves

The “Deplorable Radio” show at the University of Minnesota-Morris remains suspended indefinitely from the university’s radio station, prompting the student hosts of the show to argue they were booted because they’re conservative and politically incorrect.

The university, meanwhile, maintains the show was suspended for “multiple violations” of station policy.

Read more from The College Fix.

Radio Preservation From the Archive to the Classroom

With the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act as a backdrop, the multi-day affair at the Library of Congress in Washington was augmented by off-site events at University of Maryland, NPR headquarters and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Among the attendees were scholars, collectors, archivists, radio practitioners and fans, all united by a shared passion for radio.

Read more from Radio World.


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