NSEMC Minneapolis 2015: The Latest


Convention session proposals are open through Aug. 1.

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available. Early signing discounts available before Aug. 1.

Registration is now open online. Early-bird rates are available through Oct. 1.

Hotel reservations are open.

Complete information available at the Minneapolis NSEMC site.


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Webcasting Rates & Recordkeeping for student “Radio” Stations

CBI has been working on behalf of student media outlets like yours to make sure pay a reasonable fee for webcasting music and to provide options concerning what you need to report to SoundExchange.  The current rates are the result of a negotiated settlement and are in effect through 12/31/2015.  CBI has negotiated a settlement for 1/1/2016 – 12/31/2020, but that has not yet been adopted by the judges which oversee the rate determination process.  Tangentially, the same judges determine what data must be reported by stations.  The CBI settlement includes a provision for a proxy fee in lieu of reporting which would cover MOST student stations.  Stations which are not covered under the proxy fee MAY need to include additional information.  CBI and many of its member stations have fought against the increased burden and we are waiting for the judges to make a determination.  Stay tuned to this space for updates.  If you have questions, ask!

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Student Media in the News


KCWU-FM PD Nikki Marra Wins International Radio Award
Marra was recognized for her 2014 audio documentary, “The College Radio Road Trip,” where she traveled across the country interviewing, comparing and contrasting college radio stations through interviews with administrators, faculty and students at each institution.  The documentary was offered to all college radio stations as part of COLLEGE RADIO DAY 2014.
Read more from All Access.

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Today’s spotlight comes from Neumann Media at Neumann University in Aston, Penn. Thanks to Sean McDonald!

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Board Blog: Why be excited for Minneapolis?


Some of you may be wondering what is in Minneapolis and why should you be excited for this year’s convention? Well after going there at the start of June for the board retreat I can give you three good reasons why everyone should be excited for this years conference in Minneapolis.

Amanda Reesman, CBI Student Representative

Amanda Reesman, CBI Student Representative

The first reason to be excited is there is some great food and it is pretty reasonably priced! While there I ate at a few places and my meals were delicious and the prices were pretty good too. I also found several other places I can’t wait to try including a local bakery that also makes coffee!

The second reason is for $1.75 you can ride the monorail all day, the rail can take you to and from the airport. It can also take you to the Mall of America! The station for the rail is just around eight blocks from the hotel and if that seems like a long walk to you, there is a free bus that will take you to the station that stops right outside the hotel.

The third reason is, the hotel is stunning! The rooms are spacious, with big windows and plenty of power outlets including one on each bedside table. The bathrooms were clean and modern I loved it.

So if you weren’t already excited for Minneapolis you should start getting excited! After my first trip there I can honestly say I am really excited to go back and try some things I didn’t have a chance to try before.

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Student media in the news


KEXP to Launch “Under the Needle: the KEXP Sessions” over College and Community Radio

According to KEXP, “Every year for the last five years, KEXP has recorded over 500 live on-air performances featuring great artists from across the musical spectrum.” With such a large collection of music content, the station decided that it would like to make that music more broadly available

Read more from Radio Survivor.

Drop in enrollment, funding at KCC is killing WKCC radio

WKCC, the public radio station for Kankakee and Iroquois counties and one of 160 rural stations in the U.S., is going off air by the end of the year, around the time it would have turned 8.

Read more from the Daily Journal.

And more college radio news and LPFM news from Radio Survivor.


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Radio Survivor launches Podcast


Radio Survivor, an independent news website devoted to all things radio is debuting the premiere episode of the Radio Survivor Podcast on Tuesday, June 16.

The pilot episode of the Radio Survivor Podcast includes news about Santa Cruz, Calif. community radio station KUSP, details about the growth of low power FM (LPFM), a feature on the Free Music Archive, as well as commentary about the importance of college radio and about Pandora’s new radio station in South Dakota. It can be heard here:

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Spotlight: KRHS Media at Ritenour High School


Today’s spotlight is from Ritenour High School’s KRHS Media. To learn more, follow them on Facebook or @KRHSMedia on Twitter.

Want your media spotlighted on the CBI blog? Email Jessica.

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Board Blog: Mission Accomplished!


The CBI Board of Directors last week held its annual retreat at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, site of the upcoming National Student Electronic Media Convention. The venue and the surrounding neighborhood are tremendous and we are primed to have our best convention ever.

Greg Weston, CBI President

Greg Weston, CBI President

But, aside from convention planning, the Board dealt with a number of other organizational issues. To me, the most important was the creation and adoption of a new mission statement. It now reads:

CBI is a member-driven organization serving students and advisers of college and high school electronic media outlets. Through events, programs and a network of expertise, we provide our members with educational and professional development opportunities and facilitate advocacy.

While containing many elements present in our previous mission statement, I believe this is a big improvement and a great statement of what CBI offers to its members and the larger student electronic media community. The Board spent hours on this, and every word is intentional. So when we call ourselves “member-driven,” use terms like “serving,” and enumerate areas of focus such as “professional development” and “advocacy,” rest assured that the Board is not just giving lip service but is truly committed to leading CBI with these principles.

I am confident that, as leadership changes over the years, this mission statement will remain a touchstone that will help guide future Boards.

Briefly, here are a few other outcomes from the retreat:

  • A fully electronic voting process for future elections.
  • A change in the start date of the Student Member’s term to more closely approximate the school year, to be implemented in the next election cycle.
  • Development of future priorities, each delegated to Board members for completion in one, three, or five years.
  • Creation of an organizational master calendar enumerating the responsibilities of all Board members and coordinators.



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Student media in the news


Southwestern College Radio Station KSWC increases its power, changes frequency

“Essentially, this upgrade boosts our power by 10 times, allowing us to reach several other communities in the area, and allowing us to reach more listeners,” Castor says. “This upgrade is important for a couple of reasons.It shows incoming and current students in the radio program at Southwestern that they get a chance to use a radio station that could potentially reach thousands of new listeners in south central Kansas.”

Read more from the Winfield Courier.

Tuning Into WBOR, Bowdoin’s Beloved Freeform Radio Station

WBOR 91.1 FM this year was led by a crew of 14 devoted students and one community member (who runs the station during school breaks). Many more students, professors and locals hosted weekly one-hour music and talk shows. Walker Kennedy ’15, the station’s manager, said more than 100 DJs contributed to WBOR’s programming.

Red more from Bowdoin.

Solving the Mystery of the Ubiquitous Radio Station Call Letter Signs: The Leo Blais Interview

“The first signs were made around the time the ‘Slow Drivin’ maxi-single was released in 2008. I started sending them out as a way to thank the stations for playing the records. Also the letters represented the actual artwork that went into each album. People would send me photos they found on the internet with the signs being spotted in the background or on the stations walls. It was really nice to know how happy it made the people who received them.”

Read more from Radio Survivor.

From Holland, with love (from KFJC)

Forget LPs, CDs and MP3s: Foothill College’s KFJC staffers are going straight to the source. Earlier this week, nine radio station employees and volunteers boarded a plane for the Netherlands to conduct their fifth international live remote broadcast.

Read more from Palo Alto online.

Nick Canovas (WUML) Wins IRF’s Best College Radio DJ Competition

Congratulations to Nick Canovas of WUML for winning the International Radio Festival‘s best college radio DJ competition! His show, Time In The Study, which he hosts under the guise of DJ Dad, stood out from the competition and won him this title. His show focuses on “local and worldly underground indie music” interspersed with a healthy dose of self-proclaimed dad jokes.

Read more from CMJ.

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Student Media in the News


KFJC to Broadcast Live from Eindhoven Psych Lab

Award-winning, student and volunteer-run Foothill College radio station KFJC 89.7 FM is excited to be traveling to the Netherlands in order to broadcast live from the Eindhoven Psych Lab. The two-day festival, which will take place at Effenaar in Eindhoven (Netherlands), will feature a range of performances by more than 30 modern-day psychedelic bands and artists from all over the world.

Read more from KFJC.

NC State’s WKNC And University of Minnesota’s Radio K Join Forces On Mixtape
WKNC (88.1 FM) and KUOM (RADIO K) have joined forces to release “All Summer No Bummer,” a collaborative mixtape featuring 20 summery songs from the two respective states. Last week the stations premiered two tracks each day selected by the other station and then released the whole set for free download on Bandcamp on May 22.
Read more from All Access.

University of Sioux Falls to Assign College Radio Station License to Local Pawn Shop

The University of Sioux Falls has filed paperwork with the FCC in order to assign the license for its student-run college radio station KCFS 94.5 FM to Badlands Airtime, which is affiliated with Sioux Falls, South Dakota pawn shop, Badlands Pawn. According to the Asset Purchase Agreement, the sale price for the KCFS license is $1.5 million.

Read more from Radio Survivor.

KBVR comes back to the future

Whether it is an interesting dissection of a graduate student’s research or a look into the history of jazz fusion, KBVR is home to over 130 different distinct personalities offering up different playlists, meaning something new every time you tune in. It’s a trip outside the daily algorithm-bubble where nothing outside of anticipated preference is ventured or gained—what radio can be with a little adventure.

Read more from the Corvallis Advocate.

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Board Blog: Stay fresh for summer

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.”

Those classic Gershwin lyrics have stood the test of time, but they don’t necessarily apply to student media. Because when the fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high, most of our students are somewhere other than at their campus media outlets.

Greg Weston, CBI President

Greg Weston, CBI President

For student media, it can be a challenge to continue to produce content throughout the summer. But, if you’re an FCC-licensed radio station, shutting down for the summer can put your station in jeopardy. And, even if you’re not, having compelling year-round programming is essential to maintaining your audience.

In this day and age, there are plenty of technical options that will take care of the bare minimum of keeping your programming running, but anything more than that takes real people.

Here at WPTS-FM, we have a few strategies to keep things fresh over the summer:

  • We open our schedule to community members. During the school year we have a students-only policy. We have a number of community members who return year after year and, this year, the students have focused on better promoting this opportunity around town.
  • We relax the requirements for students. In the fall and spring semesters, we have pretty stringent requirements for DJs regarding attendance, off-air “staff hours,” and the like. The idea of doing a show without having to worry about that stuff is very enticing for some of our DJs. Losing those staff hours does hurt us behind the scenes, particularly with CD reviews, but it’s a trade-off we’re willing to make.
  • We reach out to alumni and former student DJs who are still on campus. Many alumni are eager to relive their glory days but don’t think about a summer show until we give them the idea. We communicate with them mainly through Facebook and word of mouth. The former DJs still on campus often left because they were too busy with classes and couldn’t complete their staff hours. Those students often jump at the chance to do their show in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • We utilize work-study students. We can’t give our directors stipends during the summer, so we can’t require them to be around. But we can pay an office worker. We hire from our pool of DJs so they are qualified to go on the air if needed. In addition to whatever office work needs to be completed, they also help train the community members that come in for the summer, and keep us in compliance with FCC minimum staffing requirements.


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