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WKNC’s Radio Ride to Kick off Raleigh Beer Week

WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1 has partnered with Trophy Brewing to incorporate local beer and local music into its third annual Radio Ride. 

WKNC’s Radio Ride to Kick off Raleigh Beer Week is an alleycat-style bike ride and scavenger hunt that will take place on Sunday, Sept. 17 at Trophy Brewery and Taproom, 656 Maywood Avenue. Check-in opens at noon and the ride begins at 1 p.m.
Following the ride, WKNC and Trophy will celebrate the start of Raleigh Beer Week at 3 p.m. with a beer festival featuring Trophy brews and music by Stray Local, Blue Cactus, The Debonzo Brothers and propersleep.
For more information, visit

Listeners tune in as WBRU tunes out

In the meantime, there may be a court challenge to the sale of WBRU. Attorney Don Wineberg of Chace, Ruttenberg & Freedman LLC said he has been hired by a group “close to the station” to block the sale. Wineberg said he is considering legal action based on the idea that donations given to WBRU over the years are not being used for their intended purpose.

It ended, for now at least, with these three songs: “This Must Be the Place” by the Talking Heads, then “1979″ by the Smashing Pumpkins, and finally “I Fell in Love with a Girl,” White Stripes.

At least one F-bomb dropped.

Then three or four minutes of static, then K-LOVE arrives with “What a Beautiful Name” from Hilltop Worship.

Read more from Providence Journal.

CU Boulder’s Radio 1190: Counterculture on the airwaves

Whether you turn to us for new music, listen to your friends over the airwaves, or host a show yourself, Radio 1190 has something for you.

College radio goes far beyond broadcasting. It’s about counterculture, community and creativity. Volunteers help with audio production, art, journalism and way more, too, all the while earning hours toward becoming a DJ.

Read more from Colorado Daily.

Plus, the Radio Survivor podcast

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Student Media in the News

Influential Station WBRU-Providence to Be Sold to Christian Radio Organization

Long-running Brown University station WBRU confirmed reports that the station will soon be sold, according to message on its website, although the current programming will continue online. While the station did not specify a buyer, according to a report on WPRI/Providence, a spokesperson for the station said it will file an application this week to transfer its license to the Educational Media Foundation, a California-based not-for-profit organization that broadcasts Christian music; the news was first reported by Radio Insight.

Read more from Variety.

Resurrecting the pulse

“There’s a stigma when it comes to KSWH,” said Diominique “Dee Dee” McKissick, senior innovative media major, “it has the reputation of ‘just being there,’ and I want to change that.” KSWH 102.5, or The Pulse, has been in operation since 1970. The staff consists of only students who get to determine their own programming.

Read more from The Oracle.

Q&A: New TV and Radio Operations Manager lays out goals

JL: You’re here now. What exactly is your role at this point?

JM: So I’m general manager of WICB, the school’s FM station. I will also be, I guess, technical manager of VIC radio, so I’ll be overseeing both kind of like the, for lack of a better term, “adult in the room,” I guess. The reason I say ‘lack of a better term’ is because I think all the students are adults. The professionalism that they handle themselves with is unlike anything I’ve seen before. … And then for ICTV I’ll be doing a similar role. … I have a kind of unique background for being only 27 years old. I’ve been an onsite engineer for a commercial radio station, operations manager, program director, web master, social media adviser. … I’ve had great success, a lot of failures, and I think taking it and putting it together is what I’m looking forward to doing.

Read more from The Ithacan.


Plus, the Radio Survivor Podcast dissects the Princeton Review College Radio list.

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Student Media in the News

KEXP Celebrates National Radio Week by Honoring Other Radio Stations

It’s rare that radio stations pay homage to other radio stations, so I was certainly intrigued by this project (see more back story in HuffPo). When I tuned in today, the mid-day show waxed nostalgic about former Long Island commercial radio station WLIR while playing mainly 1980s classics from the likes of R.E.M., David Bowie, Squeeze, Siouxsie and the Banshees and more. It took me back to the days of my own favorite commercial radio station from the past: KQAK “the Quake” in San Francisco. Hearing this type of music in the early 1980s paved the way for me to explore college radio.

Read more from Radio Survivor.

Radio camp hosts Marquette and Civic Memorial students

WLCA 89.9-FM and the Lewis and Clark Community College Radio Broadcasting program welcomed local high school students to campus last week to prep for their own on-air debuts.

Students from Civic Memorial and Marquette high schools toured the station and prepared for going on air at their own schools once the fall semester begins. Both schools operate stations under the WLCA umbrella during the school year.

Read more from Advantage News.

College Radio Watch: WTJU to Air “Community Healing” Broadcast in Charlottesville

My thoughts keep turning to Charlottesville, where a series of white supremacist events last Friday and Saturday led to violence, injuries and three deaths. It was brought closer to home when I learned that a WTJU volunteer, Tyler Magill, suffered a stroke that may have been precipitated by being hit in the neck by a torch during Friday night’s white nationalist march.

Read more from Radio Survivor.


And, CBI is announcing finalists in the 2017 National Student Production Awards online. Finalists will be posted on the website and our Twitter every weekday through Friday, Aug. 25.

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Nationwide EAS Test – You Must Act Now

Will Robedee, CBI Executive Director

The  FCC, in conjunction with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  This will have an impact on all FCC licensed stations that participate in EAS.   If this test applies to you, pay attention.

You must complete the 2017 ETRS Form One on or before August 28, 2017.  The date is important to note because many school stations may not be on-the-air on that date or may be operating on limited schedules.  The rules do not include any provisions (to my non-lawyer knowledge) for exceptions.

The form is a little tricky to complete and requires information you may not have at your fingertips, so the earlier you start to complete the form, the better.  Do not wait to complete this form.  The sooner the better.

If you have changes to your EAS info, you must submit those changes or before August 28, 2017.

One the day of the test, you must report your information your information on ETRS Form Two.  This form will likely ask you about what you received and what you rebroadcast.  It may ask for additional information concerning the equipment you use.

Click here to login.

Even though I previously registered I was not able to login.  I had to use the new user page.

Need to reset you password?   Do it here.

CBI may be able to help with simple questions, but, as always, you legal counsel is your best resource.

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CBI Board Positions Open

We have three unexpired CBI board positions open. They are:

  • Vice President (currently vacant)
  • Secretary (term to begin Dec. 1, 2017)
  • Development Director (term to begin Dec. 1, 2017)

As per our bylaws, the board will select the replacements from the nominations.

3.4.4. Vacancies occurring within the Board of Directors. Vacancies occurring within the Directors for any reason may be filled by vote of the majority of the remaining Directors of the Association, to be selected from nominations presented by the members of the Directors. The appointee shall serve until the next regular election of members of the Directors, at which time an election will be held for any remaining unexpired portion of the term. Any service in an unexpired term of a former Director shall not be factored into the limitation of terms of office imposed elsewhere in the Bylaws.

Replacements will serve on an interim basis until November 30, 2018. The positions will be on the ballot of the next regularly scheduled election (early 2018).

To see the full description of each board position, visit the bylaws page.

You can help CBI continue to provide a voice for college media and students by nominating yourself for open positions on the CBI Board of Directors. This is your chance to lend your voice to the board and help make the organization even better. By serving on this national board you may show even more the importance of your position at your school. In addition, it looks great on your vitae or resume and you’ll feel terrific knowing that you are doing something important.

Interested? Email CBI President John Morris at

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Student Media in the News

National Radio Week: KEXP on the Social Impact of Community Radio

I know I’m not the only one in the United States to make a more determined attempt to find community, since, let’s say… November 9, 2016. And, while I’m usually in a bit of a climate action bubble, I was able to find the people, the joy and the feeling of real hope for the future by becoming more involved with Seattle’s community radio station/nonprofit arts organization: KEXP.  So that, dear reader, will serve as full disclosure for how I came to see their work through social impact eyes and to conduct this interview with John Richards on the eve of their week’s worth of “National Radio Day” tributes.

Read more from The Huffington Post.

WUSF leaving TV airwaves Oct. 15

WUSF, which sold its broadcasting license earlier this year, announced it will be going off the air on Oct. 15.

The college sold the license for $18,754,503 as part of the Federal Communication Commission’s Broadcast Incentive Auction. The station and its four other digital channels had to go off the air after receiving the money.

The college’s radio stations WUSF and WSMR will remain on the air.

Read more from WTSP Tampa Bay/Sarasota.

A brief history of WQLN

Though WQLN went on air in 1967, it traces its roots much farther back, to 1953, when local attorney Enoch Filer and his wife, Margarita, began their push for a public television station.

The Filers — joined by Erie Schools Superintendent Maurice Kolpien, Pennsylvania Electric’s George Schaefer, school board director George Yochim and the Rev. Father James Caldwell — formed Educational Television of Erie. Their work between 1953 and 1962 was limited to getting a station number — 54, said Tom New, WQLN’s president and CEO.

Read more from

Plus, CBI is announcing finalists in the 2017 National Student Production Awards online. Finalists from two categories will be posted on the website and our Twitter every weekday through Friday, Aug. 25.

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Student Media in the News

Marietta College hopes renovations strike a chord with new music program

Meanwhile, some of the Communications and Mass Media classrooms and office space will remain in McKinney, as will the television studio. The college radio station space will be moved into a newly-renovated room downstairs, where a dark room used to be, while music therapy will occupy the upper floor. More Communications classes will be moved into nearby Mills Hall, where some are already held.

“This is really allowing us to utilize the space that exists in the best way,” said Tom Perry, director of strategic communications and marketing for the college. “This transition can be made because of the size of the programs and even the changes to the way these programs are taught. You don’t need something like a dark room any more.”

Read more from the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

Jalandar has its first campus community station

Launching it, Principal Dr Naresh Kumar Dhiman said, “The radio will cover a radius of 15 km, reaching the urban as well rural regions of Jalandhar district. It will relay programmes related to various communities, including housewives, labourers, farmers, students etc for two hours from 10 am to 12 noon. It has been established under the proposal of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. We will be sending our recordings to them for three months after which we are expecting a funding of Rs 7.5 lakh. By then, we also intend to broadcast it online.”

Read more from The Tribune.

Plus, Radio Survivor analyzes the Princeton Review’s list of most popular college radio stations

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Student Media in the News

Trapper Radio goes silent

Tuning into your favorite program on KNWT 89.1 Trapper Radio may prove to be a challenge for the foreseeable future, as a dispute over a lease has put Northwest College’s campus radio station off the air.

Already in a difficult transition period following the elimination of the school’s Radio/TV Broadcasting program last year, KNWT was dealt a further blow earlier this month, when Legend Towers, LLC — the owner of the radio tower used by KNWT — shut off the broadcast on July 17.

Read more from the Powell Tribune.

Council will vote on new Livingstone College radio tower

At its Tuesday meeting, the Salisbury City Council will vote on whether to issue a special use permit that would allow the 100-foot-tall radio tower to be built.

The tower would be located at the W.J. Walls Student Center on the Livingstone College campus, located at 800 W. Thomas St. behind the Salisbury High School track.

Read more from the Salisbury Post.

40 years later, WDCB swings harder than ever

So as WDCB prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a series of major concerts beginning Thursday, jazz listeners have reason to give thanks. For while the genre continues to struggle for air time across America, WDCB this week added an hour of jazz at 5 a.m. weekdays to its already expansive schedule, meaning the station now swings nonstop from midnight to 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays (with additional jazz and other musical programming on weekends).

Read more from the Chicago Tribune.

Alameda Community Radio station to hit airwaves in August

Organizers for Alameda Community Radio, KACR 96.1 FM, plan to broadcast live in August from the new studios at Encinal High School. KACR is a low-power FM station that has been in the works since 2011. The radio station was first discussed at a meeting as part of the Alameda Public Affairs Forum, which was chaired by the late Art Lipow and his wife, Gretchen Lipow.

Read more from the East Bay Times.

Plus, the Radio Survivor College Radio Watch column

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Student Media in the News

WBRU’s Radio Silence

While the rest of us were busy lamenting the cold and rainy spring, Brown students and the BRU board of directors were deciding the fate of the station over a series of tense meetings. The decision that they came to, faced with the reality of diminishing profits and assets that were steadily losing value, was to sell the 95.5 signal and use that money for different media projects that won’t involve terrestrial radio.

Read more from Providence Online.

College Radio: Just a Bunch of Kids?

That’s what the sales manager of a New Hampshire radio station told local businessmen when he discovered that he was losing accounts to student salesmen from the nearby college station. Some faculty weren’t happy with the station either, considering it a mere “radio school” in their midst, and not promoting their vision of academia. One seriously suggested that rock’n’roll be allowed on the station only if accompanied by “commentary and discussion.”

Read more from Radio World.

Radio Dreams: Skidmore Radio Offers Youth Program

Skidmore College junior Adam Simon and professor Adam Tinkle introduced the Upstate Youth Radio & Podcast Project this summer, with the goal of showing Capital Region kids the inner workings of radio production and sound engineering. According to the project’s official website, the project teaches kids “everything you need to be a radio DJ, talk show host, audio documentarian, and podcaster.”

Read more from Saratoga Today Newspaper.

Essex County College TV station now streaming

MPT has been filming and producing College programming since its inception in the mid-1970s. But until now, viewing was limited to what cable provider people used. For years it was the old Suburban Cable service, and later either Cablevision or Fios, depending on where the viewer lived.

Read more from Essex County College.

Session proposals open for CBI San Antonio

CBI is accepting session proposals from all interested parties for the CBI 2017 National Student Electronic Media Convention to be held Nov. 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio.

CBI will consider all proposals from students, advisers, managers and industry professionals and gives strong preference to session proposals with more than one speaker and organization being represented. Session proposals can cover any topic related to electronic student media including the obvious and not so obvious. Multimedia presentations are encouraged.  If you are not ready to submit a full session proposal, but want to run an idea by us, please email us or call 855-ask-4CBI.


Plus, Radio Survivor’s 100th Podcast and the College Radio Watch column.

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Board Blog: Thanks, again, Minneapolis!

KDWB host Falen Lambert gives an insider’s view of morning shows.

CBI hosted the first-ever Broadcast Management track at the College Media Mega Workshop last week in Minneapolis and the results exceeded even our most optimistic projections.

Greg Weston, CBI Immediate Past President

Thirty students and advisers gathered on the beautiful campus of the University of Minnesota for an intensive, three-day workshop designed to give them the tools to

hit the ground running and improve their media outlets in the coming school year.

Attendees learned from the best — and I don’t just mean the five CBI board members who led sessions. College Media Business and Advertising Managers (CMBAM) president Tami Bongiorni led an underwriting workshop. Frank LoMonte of the Student Press Law Center presented on the legal issues we all face in broadcasting and social media. Local morning show co-host Falen Lambert taught them how to put design a show. And they were able to visit the magnificent studios of Radio K (KUOM) at the University of Minnesota.

Frank LoMonte presents the ins and outs of staying legal.

CBI is grateful to our hosts, Associated College Press, for inviting us to join them, CMBAM and College Media Association at the Mega Workshop. Collaboration of this sort among college media groups enhances our ability to provide great services to our members. We hope to join them again in Minneapolis next summer.

We hope you join us there, too.

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