Board Blog: Early Bird Gets the Worm—and Special Rates!



Lisa Marshall, CBI Treasurer

As we welcome the new academic year, many schools are solidifying plans to attend the National Student Electronic Media Convention in Seattle. Here are a few pointers to help you and your school financially prepare for registration:

1. Register Early

CBI Member Media Outlet Students, Advisers, and Managers are able to register for $100 through Oct. 1. If you’re not part of a CBI Member Media Outlet, you can register for $160.00 through Oct. 1. Non-academic related attendees also have a special early bird rate of $200.

2. Register Everyone Attending

Any individual attending NSEMC must be a paid registrant—including students, advisers, speakers, and presenters. The CBI Board of Directors also pays to attend the best convention of the year! If your funds aren’t available until after Oct 1., we still offer regular registration rates starting at $130 through the convention date.

3. Paying by Check? Mail it Early.

CBI snail mail is directed to our P.O. Box in Penn. Mail is forwarded to me monthly, so plan for a 3-4 week process time for your check. Mailing your convention check sooner than later will ease your worry. We process payments based on postmark date, so hang tight if your check sent before Oct. 1 isn’t processed until closer to the convention. If paying by check, please user our Wild Apricot membership site to process your registration. Kindly mail a copy of the Wild Apricot registration with your check.

4. Same-Day Credit Card Processing

Registering by credit card is the quickest method to process payments. Please use our Wild Apricot membership site to process your request via PayPal. Our PayPal portal accepts credit card payments without PayPal registered accounts—so no need to worry about paying through a personal PayPal account.

5. Registering Multiple Attendees from your Media Outlet

Media Outlets registering multiple attendees should register each individual separately or add additional individuals as guests to the main registrant (i.e. the media outlet adviser). Use the button at the bottom left of the registration page to add additional attendee information.

6. Someone Registered Can’t Attend?

NSEMC registrations are non-refundable, but you can request a transfer to another individual attending within the same registration level. For example, if a registered CBI Member Student cannot attend, you can replace the student’s registration with a new student at your media outlet. A follow-up email will be issued to the adviser to confirm the request.

7. Have More Questions?

Email us using this form. We will respond as soon as possible!

Visit our Registration Page to register for CBI Seattle. Hope to see you at #NSEMC!

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Student Media in the News


How important is college radio to today’s underground bands?

Local station WPRK at Rollins College continues broadcasting, as it has since 1952. On air every Wednesday at 5 p.m. is “Local Heroes,” which has been on air since the ’90s, when alternative rock dominated freeform shows. Currently hosted by George Wallace, Ilene Lieber and Daniel Pacchioni, the show’s intent is to highlight Orlando community figures doing interesting things in our city.

Read more from Orlando Weekly.


New boss at biggest club on campus

Spotted on campus: green-skinned man wearing blue underwear and a radio head.

It’s Chapman Radioman! He’s a hero of promotion, who aims to get Chapman Radio noticed by spinning records and hamming it up at campus events.

Read more from the Orange County Register.


Mesquite schools’ KEOM-FM radio is a power in wattage and education

Hits from the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s aren’t much of a draw for the typical high school student. But the advanced broadcast journalism program’s true format might be considered a blend of dual credit, advanced placement and career technology. MISD has been providing that opportunity since Sept. 4, 1984 — long before educators adopted such terms.

Read more from The Dallas Morning News.


#SaveWRAS rally held at GSU

The fight to bring back the Georgia State University student-run Album 88 station back got a new push this week with a new school year.

See more at

National Student Production Awards Finalists


All the finalists are posted for the CBI National Student Production Awards! Thank you to everyone who entered and we will announce the winners at the National Student Electronic Media Convention in Seattle! See you there!

Finalists: Best News Reporting – Radio

• WGCS-FM, Goshen College
Blood Drive

• KTSW-FM, Texas State University
Texas Wild Rice Festival

• WMUL-FM, Marshall University

• School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Women lag behind in entrepreneurship

Finalists: Best News Reporting – Television

• School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Police Take Down

• UTVS Television, St. Cloud State University
Giving by the Gallon

• KWVA-FM, University of Oregon
UO Students Say Sayonara to EMU

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University
Gary’s Story

Finalists: Best Podcast – Radio

• KCWU-FM 88.1 The ‘Burg, Central Washington University
The ‘Burg Spotlight

• School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Carolina Connection, Jan. 24, 2014

• KZSU-FM, Stanford University
Episode 23: Pinky and the Brain

• KWVA-FM, University of Oregon
Nick Aliotti: The Best Interview Around

Finalists: Best Vodcast – Television

• WKNC-FM, North Carolina State University
WKNC’s The Lounge: Matthew E. White “Big Love”

• WKNC-FM, North Carolina State University
WKNC’s The Lounge: T0W3RS “The Situation”

• Orbit TV, Muskingum University
Luke’s Tech Corner

• KJHK-FM, University of Kansas
Live @ KJHK – Your Friend at the Natural History Museum

Finalists: Best Promo – Radio

• WGCS-FM, Goshen College
Keeping Things Fresh

• WMUL-FM, Marshall University
WMUL-FM Blues Format Promo

• KWSC-TV, Wayne State College
KWSC-FM Station Promo

• KJHK-FM, University of Kansas
KJHK – AstroBase Recruitment Ad

Finalists: Best Promo – Television

• Viking Fusion, Berry College
Viking Fusion App

• North Texas Television, University of North Texas
We Are North Texas

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University
TV2 Connected

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University
Welcome Spring

Finalists: Best PSA – Radio

• WOBN-FM, Otterbein University

• WISU-FM, Indiana State University
Bullying PSA

• KWSC-TV, Wayne State College
Conn Library

• WDBM Impact89fm, Michigan State University
Safe Halloween

Finalists: Best PSA – Television

• Viking Fusion/COM 425, Berry College
Child Abuse

• CAPS 13, Pittsburg State University

• KFKX-FM, Hastings College
Beat Breast Cancer

• West Virginia State University Communications Department Com 160 TV Production, West Virginia State University
Enough Is Enough

Finalists: Best Sports Reporting – Radio

• UTA Radio, University of Texas-Arlington
UTA Radio Sports Breakdown 2-18-14

• WRHU-FM, Hofstra University
Women Can Tackle Too

• WISU-FM, Indiana State University
WISU Sports Update

• KWVA-FM, University of Oregon
Oregon Takes the Decade, Defeats Washington 45-24

Finalists: Best Sports Play-by-Play – Radio

• WOBN-FM, Otterbein University
Otterbein University Men’s Basketball vs. Muskingum University on WOBN

• WSWI-AM, University of Southern Indiana
USI vs. Bellermine

• KWVA-FM, University of Oregon
Oregon vs. Washington Softball

• WSUM-FM, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Final Four Kentucky Wildcats vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Finalists: Best Sportscast – Television

• School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Sports Extra – April 21, 2014

• Cable 8, Washington State University
Cougnation Season 3 Episode 6

• OUTV/WIRE, University of Oklahoma
Sooner Sports Pad

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University
Friday Football Frenzy

Finalists: Best Regularly Scheduled Program – Radio

• AUC Radio, The American University in Cairo
The Rundown Group 1: Humanizing Machines

• WDBM Impact89fm, Michigan State University
Impact Exposure

• WCRX-FM, Columbia College Chicago
Writers at the Edge

• KWVA-FM, University of Oregon
This Oregon Life: Trapped

Finalists: Best General Entertainment Program – Television

• KBVR-TV, Oregon State University
Glimpses: Game Night

• Titan TV, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
We’re All Mad Here – “Which Dreamed It”

• North Texas Television, University of North Texas
Ardillando – Season 8

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University
Amateur Hour

Finalists: Best Newscast – Radio

• WGCS-FM, Goshen College
Globe News

• WONC-FM, North Central College
February Original Report

• WZND Fuzed Radio, Illinois State University
Chris Newman Newscast

• WSUM-FM, University of Wisconsin-Madison
6 PM Newscast October 14

Finalists: Best Newscast – Television

• Ithaca College Television, Ithaca College
Newswatch 16 – April 8, 2014

• North Texas Television, University of North Texas
ntTV Nightly News

• UTVS Television, St. Cloud State University

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University
TV2 News – February 28, 2014

Finalists: Best Special Broadcast – Radio

• WHSN, Husson University
Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination 2013

• WJMU-FM, Millikin University
The War of the Worlds

• WCRX-FM, Columbia College Chicago
Sam Lay

• KJHK-FM, University of Kansas
KJHK – USS Carpathia Holiday Special

Finalists: Best Special Broadcast – Television

• Orbit TV, Muskingum University
Muskie Daily Special Edition: Bomb Threat Update

• Rowan Television Network, Rowan University
Philippine Benefit Special: Typhoon Haiyan Relief

• Cable 8, Washington State University
Finding Frankie’s Diagnosis

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University
Breaking News—KSU Gunman

Finalists: Best Student Media Website – Combined

• Radio K – KUOM, University of Minnesota

• Viking Fusion, Berry College

• WGUR-FM, Georgia College and State University

• WSUM-FM, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Finalists: Best Station Imaging – Combined

• Titan TV, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Welcome Back

• WSWI-AM, University of Southern Indiana
The Edge Imaging

• TV2 KSU, Kent State University

• WSUM-FM, University of Wisconsin-Madison
WSUM Imaging Package

Finalists: Best Social Media Presence – Combined

• WKNC-FM, North Carolina State University
WKNC Social Media

• KTSW-FM, Texas State University
KTSW Social Media

• KJHK-FM, University of Kansas
KJHK Social Media

• KFJC-FM, Foothill College
KFJC Social Media

Finalists: Best Documentary/Public Affairs – Radio 

• AUC Radio, The American University in Cairo
28 and Single

• WGCS-FM, Goshen College
Vinyl Revival

• WTBU-FM, Boston University
Massachusetts in Motion

• WGLS-FM, Rowan University
Online Dating: There’s an App for That?

Finalists: Best Documentary/Public Affairs – Television

• MSU TV-2, Midwestern State University
Under the Helmet

• Southeastern Channel, Southeastern Louisiana University
McCrea 1971: Louisiana’s Forgotten Rock Festival

• SCTV 39 / CTVR 129 Documentary Production, Saddleback College
The Girl with Eight Limbs

• Mason Cable Network, George Mason University
George Mason: Patriot for Liberty

Finalists: Best Comedy – Television

• North Texas Television, University of North Texas
GDI – Gamma Delta Iota

• NeuTube, Neumann University
The Media Club: Episode 3

• NeuTube, Neumann University
NeuTube Laughs: Shamrock Shakes

• Cable 8, Washington State University
Viral Vision: Profs Reading Tweets

Finalists: Best DJ – Radio

• WGCS-FM, Goshen College
Ashlee Evans Air Check

• WBGU-FM, Bowling Green State University
The Afternoon Rush

• KCSU-FM, Colorado State University
DJ Thunderbeard and DJ ZJ’s Super Sweet Sixteen and Pregnant Show

• WZND Fuzed Radio, Illinois State University
Elizabeth Rill’s DJ Compilation

Spotlight: UW Whitewater’s WSWU


Thanks to Station Manager Andrew Manthey for answering the questions!

Tell me a little history about your station and where your station is now?
wsuw1 WSUW has been on the air since 1966. Originally, our station was in Old Main until a fire burned the iconic building to the ground in 1970. Our station then rebuilt and moved to the remaining East Wing known as Hyer Hall, where our tower still remains. Currently, our offices and studios are located in the lower level of the Andersen Library on campus. We average about 40 on-air staff per semester.

What sets your station apart from other college radio stations?
We pride ourselves on being a student run-radio station. We have an Executive Board team of nine members that coordinate station activities from marketing and underwriting to training and scheduling events.

Why did you choose to work at the radio station?
wsuw3I chose to work at 91.7 The Edge because I have always had an interest in radio. I grew up listening to WGN out of Chicago and Garrison Keillor on NPR. WSUW gave me the chance to develop my own on-air persona and entertain the campus community. I enjoy working with all of our DJs and staff and enjoy the open and friendly environment that has been created at the station.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your station?
The craziest thing I have ever done at WSUW was an early morning all-vinyl show with my roommates. In celebration of Record Store Day, I rescheduled my normal show to the early morning (2-4 a.m.) so we could get to the stores in time to score some deals. To this day, I think it is still the greatest show I have done.

What’s the best part of college radio? And the hardest part?
wsuw2The best part of college radio is the accessibility that is offered. Students have the opportunity to come in and fill out applications for time slots and pitch their ideas for a specialty show. College radio is a great way for students to be creative and try out new things. When recruiting new DJs, I always ask the question “When else will you get the opportunity to have a radio show other than college?”
The hardest part of college radio can be the staffing of events. Because we are all students with varying schedules, things come up that can prevent certain events to go understaffed or even prevent them from occurring. In the past, we have had many great ideas, but came to realize that staff and DJ schedules prevented us from having them. However, the dedication and passion of even just a few DJs and staff can more than make up for this, I have found.

Board Blog: TV/Video Post-production


Today’s board blog is a video blog from Vice President Herbert Jay Dunmore! Enjoy!


Student Media in the News


New Digs for WHWS and WEOS Radio

Catawba Foundation buying second Salisbury radio station, WSTP

Plus all the news from College Radio Watch on RadioSurvivor


Seattle NSEMC Updates


Here’s the latest info posted about the National Student Electronic Media Convention, Oct. 23-25, in Seattle:

• The latest National Student Production awards finalists, updated daily through Aug. 29.

• Information on the two incredible Pre-Convention Workshops: FCC 101 and Adobe Creative Quickstart

• A preliminary list of sessions, with more to come soon

• A preliminary list of speakers, with more being added as we collect them

• And information and the application for the NPR Next Generation Radio project

Board Blog: If you call yourself a Student Journalist, you’re doing it wrong



Connor Spielmaker, CBI Student Representative

Shout-out to the intercession staff here at Spinnaker for helping me decide on this week’s topic. They reminded me that the work we do is real. One of the most frustrating aspects of being a young adult in any capacity is that your peers and elders looking at you as someone who is still learning and who should be treated differently. Apply that to your opinion on politics, current events, or anything. So where does that come into student journalism? “Oh, it’s just the campus paper,” or “Oh, it’s just the campus TV station,” or whatever your medium is, it seems that people take these outlets less seriously.

Across the country, classes are starting up for the Fall term. What does that mean for our media outlets? Time for some “noobs.” That’s right, get excited to teach that Freshman AP style and then confuse the heck out of them with your campus’s style sheet.

One of the biggest issues we face when we recruit our new aspiring reporters is breaking them out of their shell and getting them to ask the tough questions, but even more so is educating them on why we don’t just report the good things happening at the University of (your school here). “But, we’re students, we’ve got to be proud of our campus and show people how great it is!” This is the point where that 5th year senior editor just wants to scream “THIS IS REAL JOURNALISM.”

Which brings me to the point: Sure, we don’t have the multi-million dollar budget of major news outlets or the millions of viewers that budget gets them, but the stories we report are just as real and just as important—sometimes more. Sure you’re a student, but you’re also a journalist.

I believe the most important thing to ingrain in your new staff’s brains on their orientation day is that they’re not “student journalists,” they’re journalists. The credentials they wear are just as valid as the guy from your local NBC affiliate, and the work they will be doing is just as real. So tell them that they can walk into their University President’s office and ask those tough questions, and not to back down. Show them your notes from NSEMC and make sure they see that there is no distinguishing between “student news” and “news.” Tell them their pen is just as powerful as a senior white house reporter’s. Inspire them to seek the truth under the tradition of your respective campus, and report it with the same credence as they know their own name.

We are the future of those big network names, and the work you do today with the rest of the inspired students in your newsroom is what is going to shape the future of our industry.

Announcing: Finalists in the National Student Production Awards

seattleCongratulations to the finalists in the CBI 2014 National Student Production awards! Finalists will be announced on this page every weekday through Aug. 29, so check back. Winners will be announced in Seattle at the 2014 National Student Electronic Media Convention.


Seattle Pre-Convention Workshops: Wednesday, Oct. 22


Interested in coming to Seattle a little early for a workshop with experts on FCC and Adobe video suite? Check out our Pre-Convention Workshops on the Seattle convention page!

These workshops feature expert speakers and the latest information, with a small group size so your questions will be answered. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the pros.