usq-building-original.jpgStaff and students at the University of Wisconsin’s WSUM are preparing to move into a new location this December. According to Matt Rockwell, WSUM will occupy a fourth floor space in the University Square Development and will boast some neat features inside and out, including “LED lighting that can change color.”

Rockwell reports Axia Livewire is being used in the new facility. “The advantage of being on a campus is having an extremely robust network structure to build upon,” he said. “This makes using Axia very attractive.”

WSUM’s new home will include seven studios for various purposes, with the master control studio that’s connected to a conference room, which can also double as a live performance space. Stackable furniture will allow conversion of the meeting space to a rocking place.

According to Rockwell, station’s presence extends to the very top of the building. “We will have a tech closet on the top floor right below a structured roof array for transmitter and receivers,” he said.

WSUM Floor Plan