High School Radio Network launches Sept. 7

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for high school radio and it’s particularly nice to hear about projects that serve to build a closer high school radio community. Ralph Martin of KVCB wrote to Radio Survivor to let us know about the launch of a high school radio network, which is appropriately named HS Radio Network, on September 7.

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Radio Recollections: The Sound of Stanford’s KZSU in the Early 50s (part 3)

In the early 1950s Stanford University’s KZSU was block programmed like most radio stations. “Cardinal Classics” with classical music was broadcast 8 to 9 PM every night. Occasionally KZSU would broadcast a one-hour radio play at 9 PM. Staff members were the actors, though sometimes speech and drama students acted.

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How ‘Popular’ is your college radio station?

Princeton Review’s annual college survey results are in, including the “Best College Radio Station” list, which year after year I critique, since the survey does not ask about the quality of a campus radio station. Based on online student surveys, the “Best College Radio Station” list is actually a list of schools that survey respondents said had “popular” radio stations. Specific radio stations are not named by Princeton Review or by students and as we’ve seen in years past, schools with multiple radio stations are often more likely to be perceived as having “popular” radio stations.

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‘Pitch Perfect’ completely nailed the college radio experience

From the first moments that Becca (Anna Kendrick) walks into the station, I could SMELL those old records through the screen. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a college radio station’s library, well, that’s a smell that doesn’t leave your nose. It’s musty and exciting in a way very few similar scents can be.

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CBI announces Keynote, awards finalists and emcee for 2016 NSEMC

Finalists in the CBI National Student Production Awards have been announced in 24 categories on the CBI Philadelphia website. Winners will be announced at the annual National Student Electronic Media Convention in Philadelphia on Saturday, Oct. 22, directly following the keynote address by Glenn Schuck. The awards will be emceed by local TV anchor Lucy Noland.

Visit the Philadelphia site for information on hotel reservations, convention registration and more.

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