WBRU’s Radio Silence

While the rest of us were busy lamenting the cold and rainy spring, Brown students and the BRU board of directors were deciding the fate of the station over a series of tense meetings. The decision that they came to, faced with the reality of diminishing profits and assets that were steadily losing value, was to sell the 95.5 signal and use that money for different media projects that won’t involve terrestrial radio.

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College Radio: Just a Bunch of Kids?

That’s what the sales manager of a New Hampshire radio station told local businessmen when he discovered that he was losing accounts to student salesmen from the nearby college station. Some faculty weren’t happy with the station either, considering it a mere “radio school” in their midst, and not promoting their vision of academia. One seriously suggested that rock’n’roll be allowed on the station only if accompanied by “commentary and discussion.”

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Radio Dreams: Skidmore Radio Offers Youth Program

Skidmore College junior Adam Simon and professor Adam Tinkle introduced the Upstate Youth Radio & Podcast Project this summer, with the goal of showing Capital Region kids the inner workings of radio production and sound engineering. According to the project’s official website, the project teaches kids “everything you need to be a radio DJ, talk show host, audio documentarian, and podcaster.”

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Essex County College TV station now streaming

MPT has been filming and producing College programming since its inception in the mid-1970s. But until now, viewing was limited to what cable provider people used. For years it was the old Suburban Cable service, and later either Cablevision or Fios, depending on where the viewer lived.

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Session proposals open for CBI San Antonio

CBI is accepting session proposals from all interested parties for the CBI 2017 National Student Electronic Media Convention to be held Nov. 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio.

CBI will consider all proposals from students, advisers, managers and industry professionals and gives strong preference to session proposals with more than one speaker and organization being represented. Session proposals can cover any topic related to electronic student media including the obvious and not so obvious. Multimedia presentations are encouraged.  If you are not ready to submit a full session proposal, but want to run an idea by us, please email us or call 855-ask-4CBI.


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