Chicago radio thrives at the left of the dial

I have my issues with the student DJs on college radio—they’re sometimes maddeningly inarticulate and sometimes ridiculously self-indulgent, whether they’re trying to entertain themselves or affect some sort of detached cool. But I still love the stations where they work, because the programming there has the potential to be so open-ended. Depending on the station and the hour, you could hear indie rock, noise, jazz, international music, or even a hyperlocal news show.

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Session proposals open for CBI San Antonio

CBI is accepting session proposals from all interested parties for the CBI 2017 National Student Electronic Media Convention to be held Nov. 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio.

CBI will consider all proposals from students, advisers, managers and industry professionals and gives strong preference to session proposals with more than one speaker and organization being represented. Session proposals can cover any topic related to electronic student media including the obvious and not so obvious. Multimedia presentations are encouraged.  If you are not ready to submit a full session proposal, but want to run an idea by us, please email us or call 855-ask-4CBI.


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