Tell me a little history about your station and where your station is now?
The precursor to WONB-FM was WONU. WONU was a carrier current station using an AM signal and was only heard in the afternoon.

WONB StudioIn 1991, the FCC granted a non-commercial FM license to Ohio Northern University. The WONU call letters were already in use by another university’s FM station, thus WONB was born. Today, WONB is a 3,000-watt station, serving West Central Ohio, operating 24-7-365. In addition to the FM signal, WONB also streams at Throughout the week, the station airs four main musical formats: Oldies, Mainstream Top 40, Smooth Jazz and Gospel. In addition to being an entertainment source, WONB strives to be informative as well. The station airs more than 30,000 public service announcements per year, more than 100 newscasts per week and provides coverage of various Ohio Northern and Ada High School athletic events. A public affairs talk show, sports talk show and a church service are also included in the weekly schedule.

What sets your station apart from other college radio stations?
WONB is a professionally managed, but student-run station. The station is operated as close to a professional station as possible, while still allowing student workers to have input in station decisions as well as ownership of much of the programming. WONB serves as both a co-curricular and extra-curricular activity for students. While WONB serves a purpose for the university and we do a lot to engage the university community, we also put a lot of effort into catering to and engaging the greater community. One of the most noticeable ways that we do this is through our daytime Oldies format. We realize that the majority of our daytime listeners are not college students, but rather working adults. We also serve the community through our public service announcements and our broadcast of our hometown high school athletics

Why did you choose to work at the radio station?
WONB Sports Broadcasts
Jill Amos (DJ) – I chose to work for WONB because I realized it would offer me a very unique experience. I love music, learning new things, and talking to people (even if I can’t see them).

Tyler Deitering (Sports Director) – I wanted an opportunity to experience broadcasting sports on the radio.

Darnell Sample (Music Director) – I wanted to work at a place where I can get along with the people, have fun and love what I do all at the same time. WONB embodies all of those qualities in a job and then some.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your station?
WONB Polar Bear MascotDarnell Sample (Music Director) – The craziest thing that I’ve done for WONB was brave the harsh winter storms in January to report school closings and delays, road reports and county emergency levels. The weather may have been awful and the walk may have been rough, but it was all worth it once I stepped into the warm studio.

Jill Amos (DJ) – The craziest thing I have done is dress up in the WONB polar bear costume and dance in the streets and on the sidewalks of Ada, entertaining young and old. When asked to pose for pictures, I actually smile for the camera, apparently forgetting that my face doesn’t show at all. Being an energetic mascot is the best way to watch a parade!

Brianne Mosley (Public Affairs Director) – The craziest thing is learning to do so much as a freshman. I am a Pharmacy student, with no previous experience in broadcasting. This fact has not stopped the staff at WONB from training me to do any task imaginable at the station! I have gained knowledge that has allowed me to work as a DJ both in the station and off-site, as well as in the position of Newscaster. Plus, I have my own interview show as the Public Affairs Director! Through diligent training I am now able to accomplish tasks ranging from blasting music at a fraternity party to writing public service announcements for DJs to read over the air. I never would have expected to have so much exposure to the world of broadcasting.

What’s the best part of college radio? And the hardest part?
Casey Mulcahy (Sportscaster/DJ) – The best part of working for WONB is that I am getting actual work in my field of study and having fun doing it. It is hands-on work, I can make work-study money, and I get to do what I love at college.

Cheyenne Cogan (DJ) – The best part of working for WONB would probably be the insanely understanding and cool people I get to work with and the fact that I get to listen to music the entire time I’m at work. The hardest part about working at a college radio station would probably be making time in my crazy schedule for me to work there.

Jill Amos (DJ) – The best part of working for the radio is the flexible but set hours, the unique experience, and learning something new every shift. I have become more outgoing and confident in myself due to the nature of the job. The hardest part of working in college in general is finding that balance of work and school. I love the station and try to help out by picking up extra shifts when needed. So the hardest part of working for WONB is knowing I can’t work as much as I would like.

Sam Martin (DJ) – The best part of working for WONB is having people tell me they heard me on the radio last night. The hardest part is doing everything I’m supposed to do with the hour.

Tyler Deitering (Sports Director) – The best part of working for WONB is that I was given the opportunity to broadcast high school sports right away. I didn’t necessarily have to “wait my turn,” which was really nice. The hardest part is remembering all of the rules in place. Other than the rules, the hardest part is overcoming the nerves when I first go on air.