Thanks to our 2017 NSEMC Sponsors

Since 1961, Comrex Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of high quality audio and video products which are used by broadcasters worldwide.  Specializing in audio and video codecs for remote broadcasting, Comrex produces the award-winning ACCESS Audio IP Codec and LiveShot Video IP Codec as well as the STAC VIP VoIP Call Management system for interfacing live telephone callers to on-air.  Learn more about the complete line of Comrex products at

The Institute on Political Journalism is an 8-week program that provides undergrads with guaranteed internships with media outlets and communications firms, courses for transferable credit, housing in the heart of Washington, DC, and opportunities for networking and professional development.

OMT Technologies is a solutions provider to the broadcast media industry across North America and Internationally. Our core products include the iMediaTouch Radio Automation System and Radio’s Number One Selling Digital Logger, iMediaLogger.

SoundExchange is the nonprofit organization at the center of digital music, developing solutions to benefit the entire music industry. The organization collects and distributes digital royalties on behalf of more than 130,000 recording artists and master rights owners accounts. To date, SoundExchange has paid out approximately $4 billion in royalties.