Info for Speakers

/Info for Speakers

Thank you for your participation in the 2018 CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention in Seattle. CBI is a non-profit association of members and we could not pull off a convention like this without your help.

Where is the convention hotel?
Renaissance Seattle Hotel
515 Madison St.
Seattle, Wash. 98104

Where do I check in?
All sessions will be held in the hotel. Please check in at the Registration Desk. From there, we can show you the location of your presentation room. We will also have a speakers’ green room available for speakers to prepare for their sessions and mingle with other speakers.

If you are a CBI member who is speaking and have already picked up your name badge, please go directly to the room where you will be speaking.

Are speakers compensated?
Generally not. Speakers who are representing CBI member organizations pay the regular registration fees and volunteer to host sessions. Professional guest panelists and speakers may have their registration fees waived. Keynote speakers are compensated.

When should I arrive?
Ideally, 30 minutes before your session so you can find the registration desk, pick up your badge and ask questions. Feel free to arrive earlier or stay later to check out what goes on at the convention.

What should I bring? What AV is set up? What about Internet access?
During the session proposal process and confirmation emails, we hope that we have correctly identified your AV support needs. Please review those emails to make sure that your needs have been addressed. If they have not, please let us know at your earliest opportunity as last minute requests for support are very expensive and may not be accommodated in a timely manner. If you need a laptop for your presentation, please bring a laptop. If you’re bringing a Mac laptop, please bring your own adapter to connect to the projectors. Wireless Internet access will be available in all rooms. If you need audio support (beyond laptop speakers) or other specific AV requirements, not acknowledged in confirmation emails, please contact the Executive Director.

If you have handouts, please bring copies. Extra copies may be left at the registration table for students to pick up. We would also love to post a PDF of your presentation on our website, so if you can bring it on a thumb drive, or email it to us, that would be great. You can also send us your handouts in advance of the convention so you can point to the CBI address for your material during the session.

What is the audience like?
Excited college students involved in radio, TV and electronic media production from around the country. Some are preparing for careers in broadcasting and media, and some are developing skills to supplement their other career goals. Expertise ranges from freshmen who are totally fresh to broadcasting to students who produce daily live shows. Media they represent includes traditional terrestrial broadcasting, radio and TV, campus cable, web broadcasting, new media and more. Professional staff who advise and work with stations in engineering, sales and educational aspects also attend, with a wide variety of expertise and experience.

How should I prepare for my presentation?
The best presentations include preparation. Chances are, you are appearing with co-presenters and a good presentation with multiple people requires some communication between those involved. If you do not know the other people on your panel, let us know and we will provide you with their contact information or the contact information for the person who coordinated the session.

The keys to a keeping an audience interested are:

  • Stay on topic, which is to say cover the material in the session description and do not let one or two people distract you from that goal.
  • Do not think of this as a classroom lecture. These are students who want to be engaged and drawn in. They sit in classes almost every day and have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to be here so try to engage your audience by asking them questions, letting them ask you questions, and bringing examples of your work and the work of others.
  • Do bring a variety of things to talk about, not just your experiences. We find that if a speaker’s presentation is all about “look at what I/we have done,” people leave.
  • Do arrive early and plan to stay late as students almost always have more questions than you can cover at the end of your session, but please take those conversations into the hallway as there is another session that needs to use the room.

Questions? Either call 855-275-4224 or contact CBI!