We are very happy to present the exhaustive list of sessions by CBI at the Orlando Convention in late October, 2011. We believe there is something here for everyone! If the pros, or advisers don’t offer what you want, your peer interactions at the roundtables will!

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Session Schedule!

CBI will also be conducting a special pre-convention workshop, FCC-101 on Wednesday.  This overview of FCC rules and regs is a must for all those managing student radio stations licensed by the FCC.  This fast paced workshop will familiarize you with the FCC rules and regulations, provide resources and answer the questions you haven’t even thought to ask!

Highlights –

  • Well over 80 CBI specific sessions, events and tours over three days in Sunny Orlando
  • Hundreds of sessions and events for all student media which allows for collaboration, stealing ideas, education, and networking
  • Fantastic speakers who know their stuff.

– Skip Pizzi – Director of  Digital Strategies – NAB and Media Tech columnist (will present a special session on the transition from traditional media)
– June Fox – DEI (nationally recognized underwriting and sales consultant)
– Laura Mizrahi – Communication Technologies (helps stations with FCC tech issues daily)
– Brendan Holland – Attorney, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Counsel can cost $500+ per HOUR)
– Travis Ploeger- SoundExchange (actually a nice guy who wants to help)
– Kelly Jarvis – iBiquity Digital Corporation | HD Radio™ (learn how HD can help your station)
– Rob Quickie – President, College Radio Day (hear the plans for College Radio Day II)
– Glenn Schuck, President, NY Press Club and Metro Networks (Learn from the #1 market!)
– Michelle Kocsis, Strategic Learning – Nielsen (Is there another name in TV ratings?)
– Jenna Winzenburg, Orlando PD and Executive Producer (Learn from someone almost your age how to succeed)
– Mick Tuck – ESPN Radio (learn about sports radio from a pro!)

As we do every year, CBI presents sessions on innovative topics, the basics and how to keep your station compliant with the regulations. Unfortunately, this year, CBI needs to highlight a number of sessions due to the sale of various student stations around the country. While we have one session specifically dealing with the issues surrounding the sales, we have chosen to highlight sessions that are highly relevant to help stations prevent the same scenario from happening with your license, if you have one. Every session is important. Every station needs to maintain, improve or create a reason for continued support. On this page, sessions specifically geared towards aiding licensed stations with compliance and potential sale related issues are designated with a *. Your convention program will also highlight these sessions for you.

Despite the tragic loss of highly visible and popular student station licenses, CBI, like you, forges ahead making the best of the situation and trying to help you and your station reach your potential. CBI IS optimistic about the future of student media and we want to share that optimism with you and show you how to succeed! This three day fall national conference is unparallelled in helping stations like yours!

Among many additions to the session list this year are sessions that are specifically aimed at helping H.S. and TV stations!  Tell us what you want from CBI at future conventions.   This is a highly educational event that allows you to meet industry professionals, expert advisers, and network with peers.  All these opportunities happen with abundance, in a fantastic setting and over a three day period which allows you to come back with more questions.

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Some details:

  • We will book the entire hotel, so make your arrangements early!
  • Room fees will be $179 per night.
  • Student Early Registration fees are $95 member stations.  Late registration is $110
  • Member advisers will pay early registration of $110 and late registration of $135.

Be prepared when you register to allocate $10 – $13 per person for a CBI T-Shirt.  We sold out last year and expect to do the same again this year.

Developing Talent – go from “Joe” to “Pro”
*New Broadcast Advisers: What They Didn’t Tell You, But We Will
50 Valuable Broadcast Websites in 50 Minutes
Music Directors Roundtable
SportsTalk Radio
Video Services: Building Effective Practices and Essential Experiences in Video Production
Applying For Federal Funding For Your Non-profit Radio Station
*Radio Managers Roundtable
Integrating Facebook Pages Into Your Online News Strategy
Webcasting Rules, Fees and Copyrights
Nielsen in the Classroom: Professional Educational Curriculum
News Directors Roundtable
*Getting Along With Your Licensee
What are all those numbers on my camera?
Building Skill Sets — It’s More Than Knowing How To Run The Board
*Radio Automation Roundtable
**The College Radio Crisis (and How to Survive)
Radio Imaging for College Stations
TV/Video Managers Roundtable
*Pledge Drive Primer
*Broadcast Advisers Roundtable
First Comment: Setting Up A Social Networking Program for Your Radio Station
Swag Swap
High School Radio Roundtable
College Broadcasters, Inc (CBI): Welcome Orlando!
Creating a Daily Drive Time Show and Getting Paid to Do It!
TV/Video Automation and Operations Roundtable
CBI Membership Meeting
Broadcasting and the Internet: Making the Transition
Your Own YouTube Channel Roundtable
Covering Breaking News
*The Story of College Radio Day – The Challenge To Unite All College Radio Stations
Radio & TV Promotion Roundtable
Starting or Upgrading an FCC Licensed Radio Station
*Starting or Rebuilding Your Underwriting Program from Scratch
Mediums to Promote Your Online Streaming
Sports Roundtable
*Copywriting for Non-Commercial Underwriting Announcements
*FCC License Renewal
HD Radio TechnologyTM: What it is and what you need to know.
The word is…Convergence.
Before Photoshop: Editing through your lens.
Excuses… A Humorous Look at Excuses Given By Students For NOT Showing Up For as Expected And What To Do About It!
Radio Production Roundtable
10th Annual CBI Student Production Awards
*Radio Station Student Management
Microphone Applications for Video
Achieving Maximum Greatness: Develop Your Reputation
Web Site Maintenance Roundtable
*Ask the Broadcast Legal and Technical Experts
Radio Show And Tell
Start with an Internship and End Up With a Job!
*Out of the Mud: Can the Supreme Court Finally Provide Some Clarity on the Indecency Question?
Got An Idea? Producing For Public Television
A Student’s Guide To Online Branding
Final Cut Pro Inside and Out
*How to Pass an FCC Inspection/Day to Day Compliance
Investigative Reporting and Producing for TV
Understanding Internet Station Statistics – What They Really Mean
*Nurturing Alumni Relations
Classroom to Airwaves: Training the New Student DJ
Yes, We’re a Real Station – The Stigma of Webcasting
Sports Play-by-Play
CBI TV/Video Member Services
50 or More Low-Cost or No-Cost PR Ideas in 50 Minutes
Encouraging Collaboration and Convergence in Student Broadcast Media
No Session – Intentionally Blank
*EAS: What you need to know to be compliant
“Working” A Job Fair: Get Your “Ask” In Gear!
Broadcast News Writing–Short and Sweet
Web Design for College Radio
*Integrating the Community in Your Station’s Operations
Making your dreams come true.
He Said He Said (Making the most of your Vocal Talents)
CBI Serving HS Stations
Mind-Breaking Mentality at Back-Breaking Speeds
Festival Planning: Organizing Large-Scale Music and Arts Events
Video Editing – Best Practices and Workflows
Options for Unlicensed Broadcasting

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