CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention 2012 – Atlanta, GA

This year’s convention will be an event solely dedicated to student electronic media.  Details are available at the convention official website.


  • Site: Atlanta, GA. with close proximity to major media outlets and more.
  • Hotel: The Sheraton Atlanta, centrally located with reasonable costs for transportation to and from the airport!
  • Costs:
    • Hotel: $139 per night.  The rate applies whether the room is a single, double, triple or quad!  You can make your reservations today online.  Be sure to make your reservations early as the rooms won’t last long at this rate and with airfare rising almost daily, you will want to budget appropriately and reserve your rooms now to lock in the low room rate.
    • Registration:  We kept it simple.  $100 each for CBI member station students and their advisers if you register by September 30, 2012, but if you have money sitting in your budget now, why not register for the convention today and use that money before it disappears.  Not sure about who will attend, no problem, register now and you can update names later, but only register the number of people you know will attend.
    • Internet:  $0.  Free wireless access in rooms and in the convention area.

    Want the 5 w’s?

  • Who:  Electronic Media Students and their professional counterparts from around the nation along with working professionals giving practical real world advice for your current operations and you plans for the future.
  • What: A convention that will provide you and your operations with ways to improve your operations, learn life long skills and how you think about what you do.
  • When:  October 25-27, 2012.
  • Where:  In the welcoming southern city of Atlanta where you will likely enjoy the average daily temperature of 70+ degrees during the day and in spitting distance of major media outlets and other attractions.
  • Why:  Because this is likely to be the best investment you will make that will return benefits to your operations and provide you with information that will aid you in your career, regardless of whether or not media is part of your future. CBI has been doing this for more than a decade and receives rave reviews for its sessions, with over a 90% approval rating in Orlando when it partnered with other organizations with different interests.  CBI also listens to what members have to say, so we are adding sessions that focus more on video, HS stations and more!

Visit the official National Student Electronic Media Convention site for more detailed information!

Still not convinced?

“CBI was one of the best experiences of my college broadcasting career. I met some great people, and learned a lot. It really opened my eyes up to how things work, and really reassured me as manager. Definitely an experience worth saving up for.”
Eric Hirschi – General Manager, WIDB.net, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

“I’ve been sending students to CBI for 9 years.  They always come back with notepads full of ideas and an amazing energy boost. They all enjoy the intimate sessions with professionals, other faculty and peers available for them.  They have had nothing but positive responses to the convention, sessions and exhibitors.  Several times they have even been able to broadcast live from the show floor and last year were selected to broadcast live from Universal Studios.  We have been lucky enough to win some awards at the convention as well, giving great recognition to student work.  I have yet to meet a university administrator that is unhappy when you bring them national awards.  The convention is clearly viewed as a reward by the staff and it’s easy to fill any seats I make available!  Unlike some music-centric conventions which are more party than learning opportunity, CBI is worth every penny to get students there.”
– John Devecka, Operations Manager, WLOY Loyola Radio

“The convention was a great way to meet other like-minded students in college radio and exchange ideas. It was refreshing to see so many students that had similar passions and interests coming together, all with the intention of furthering the impact of college radio. The sessions were fun as well as informative, and featured extremely knowledgeable speakers.  I had a blast, and would recommend it for anyone that loves college radio!”
– David Rind, Sports Director, WSOU 89.5 FM