2006 CBI National Student Production Awards Winners


Best Student Media Website:

cable8.org                Washington State University


Best General Entertainment Program:

MHTV                Central Michigan University

Best Comedy:

Moore Hall Television        Central Michigan University

Best Drama:

UNT-TV                North Texas University
“The Post Cognitive, Episode 210, Renaissance Man”

Best Technical Production:

Moore Hall Television              Central Michigan University

Best Promo:

CTV                    Colorado State University
“Then to Now”

Best PSA:

WCN                 Westminster College
“Your New Best Friend”

Best Sports PBP:

ICTV                    Ithaca College
“Ithaca vs Elmira Women’s Basketball”

Best Sportscast:

Time Warner 24            University of North Carolina
“Carolina Week Sports 4/3/06”

Best News Reporting:

Time Warner 24            University of North Carolina
“Sex Offenders”

Best Newscast:

Carolina Week            University of North Carolina

Best Special Broadcast:

WEBN                Emerson College
“Behind the Oscars”

Best Documentary/Public Affairs:

CTV                     Colorado State University
“Treating A.D.D.”


Best DJ:

KUCO                University of Central Oklahoma
Bobby Yannarell

Best Documentary:

KTSW                Texas State University-San Marcos
“Texas Music History Unplugged”

Best Technical Production:

WELH                Brown University

Best Station Promotion:

WPTS                University of Pittsburgh
“Egg Hunt”

Best PSA:

WCRX                Columbia College
“Dan Ryan Construction”

Best Sports Reporting:

WVUA                 The University of Alabama
“Rammer Jammer: Appropriate or Not?”

Best News Reporting:

SCAD Radio             Savannah College of Art & Design
“The Forgotten”

Best Newscast:

WCHL-AM                 University of North Carolina
“Carolina Connection” (10/29/05)

Best Regularly Scheduled Program:
WNUR                Northwestern University
“Peace Lovin’ Citizen”

Best Sports PBP:

WMUL                 Marshall University
“Marshall Football vs. Southern Mississippi”

Best Promo:

WMUL            Marshall University
“Busy Signal”

Best Feature:

WGLS            Rowan University
“Changing Stations”