2005 National Student Production Awards Winners

Best Student Media Website:

ictv.org            Ithaca College


Best Comedy:

ICTV                Ithaca College
“The Solarium”

Best Drama:

ICTV                Ithaca College
“My Loyal Imposters #3”

Best Technical Production:

Emerson Channel        Emerson College
“Oscars Special”

Best Promo:

ICTV                Ithaca College
“The Ithacan Online”

Best PSA:

BJ4113 TV Production    Langston University
“Domestic Violence”

Best Sportscast:

The Met Report        Metropolitan State College of Denver
“Dan’s Sports 513”

Best News Reporting:

News 7            Lyndon State College
“Vermont Fire Grants”

Best Newscast:

Carolina Week/UNC-CH University of North Carolina
“Carolina Week April 27”

Best Special Broadcast:

MSU2            Midwestern State University
“The Golden Hour”

Best Documentary/Public Affairs:

ICTV                Ithaca College
“Mad Cow Crusaders”


Best DJ:

KCSU            Colorado State University
Baker Machado

Best Documentary:

KSLU            Southeastern Louisiana University
“New Orleans Writing Marathon”

Best Technical Production:

WMHW            Central Michigan University
“Makenna Paige: Tales of a Redheaded Reporter”

Best Station Promotion:

WPGU            University of Illinois
“Local Music Awards”

Best PSA:

WMUL            Marshall University
“Didn’t You See”

Best Sports Reporting:

WMUL            Marshall University
“Pruett Retires”

Best News Reporting:

WCRX            Columbia College
“Education-Part II”

Best Newscast:

Carolina Connection, UNC-CH, WCHL, WXYC
University of North Carolina
“October 1st Broadcast”

Best Regularly Scheduled Program:

WNUR            Northwestern University
“Blizzard Fall (Part 1)
Best Sports PBP:

WMUL                Marshall University
“Football: MU vs Ohio State”

Best Promo:

KTSW                Texas State University-San Marcos
“The Only Thing That Keeps Me Sane”

Best Feature:

WASU                Appalachian State University
“Appalachian Folk Music”