There are a number of free benefits that are supported by members and if you use them you should consider becoming a member today.  These include …

• Free entries into the CBI National Student Production Awards.
• Discounted registration to the annual National Student Electronic Media Convention.
• Access to the member directory.
• Representation before the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB).  CBI has a long and strong track record of success in negotiating settlements while all appeals of another organization resulted in no more favorable terms for student outlets, including this recent one on webcasting rates.
• Representation before the FCC. CBI has filed comments on behalf of members on a number of different issues.
• Networking. CBI provides members to the opportunity to network with professionals via the lists and the conventions, which can lead to internships, jobs and other industry opportunities.

• Access to vendors. Many vendors are on the lists and at NSEMC conventions.

• A chance for a student or faculty/staff member to serve on a national board, giving back to student media.

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