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KEXP to Launch “Under the Needle: the KEXP Sessions” over College and Community Radio

According to KEXP, “Every year for the last five years, KEXP has recorded over 500 live on-air performances featuring great artists from across the musical spectrum.” With such a large collection of music content, the station decided that it would like to make that music more broadly available

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Drop in enrollment, funding at KCC is killing WKCC radio

WKCC, the public radio station for Kankakee and Iroquois counties and one of 160 rural stations in the U.S., is going off air by the end of the year, around the time it would have turned 8.

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Help CBI prepare comments on FCC indecency policies

College Broadcasters, Inc. is seeking input from FCC-licensed student radio stations to prepare comments with the FCC regarding the commission’s indecency policies. More info is at https://www.askcbi.org/?p=3982.

If you represent an FCC-licensed radio station or are planning to file for an LPFM license in October, please consider responding to a brief survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8Q8HY6N by Monday evening. You may also forward this link to fellow advisers and station managers.

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Want and FM Signal: FCC Announces LPFM Application “Window”

If your station is not licensed for broadcast by the FCC, there is a rare opportunity to file for an FCC application coming this October.  The FCC has announced a limited time (window) of opportunity to apply for an LPFM license which would allow you to operate with 100 watts or less of power to cover a limited area.  This is a fantastic opportunity for your station if you are not currently licensed.

To read the word from the FCC, see http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/low-power-fm-broadcast-radio-stations-lpfm.  In short, you need to file the application by 6:00 pm EDT on October 29, 2013.   CBI can help!  Join the CBI LPFM email list, which is community of people just like you who are seeking LPFM licenses and can likely point you in the right direction.  Click here to subscribe to the group. (more…)

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