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Caz Joins Effort to Ignite the Soul of College Radio

Cazenovia College teamed up with Colgate University, Hamilton College, and Utica College at Colgate’s campus for an hour-long simulcast. The simulcast was meant to expand each station’s geographic boundaries in hopes of increasing repeat listenership.

Read more from The Quad.

Campus View: How to Plan a News Takeover for a Music Station

WSOU is a primarily a music station, with sports second and news third. I’ll admit that because I knew that what I was taking on was an unprecedented task for WSOU. As a college station reporting on the election, it could be argued that it was unwise to attempt when mainstream media outlets hold the advantage. It was intimidating.

Read more from Radio World.

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Student Media in the News


Two SXU Students Visit the White House to Celebrate College Radio Day

Two Saint Xavier University (SXU) students, Sean Anderson and Mia Guevara, experienced an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the White House last week due to College Radio Day. This special day is an annual event sponsored by the College Radio Foundation to unite college radio stations around the country, while celebrating its important contributions to music, journalism and the radio industry.

Read more from Lawndale News.

KFHS Radio Celebrates College Radio Day

On November 4th, students that are part of FHSU’s campus radio station, KFHS, celebrated National College Radio Day. Students that were in bands or simply solo acts on campus, were asked to perform in Cody Commons to showcase their musical talents.

Read more from Tiger Media Network.

Like father, like son — Doyle’s son wants to follow in his footsteps

I don’t know how many parents have gone through this: One of your children expresses a desire to follow in your footsteps in their career. It is flattering and disconcerting at the same. Flattering in that they think highly enough of you to want to emulate you, but disconcerting in that you know the many pitfalls they will face.

My oldest son is a junior at Montclair State University where he is majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Broadcast Communications. He started working at the campus radio station (WMSC) the first semester of his freshman year and has stayed there ever since.

Read more from New Jersey 101.5.

Sylvan Esso premieres new single on WKNC

Durham electronic-pop duo Sylvan Esso stopped by the WKNC studio Nov. 17 for a guest DJ set that culminated with the premiere of their new single.

“Kick Jump Twist” was released Nov. 18 as the B-side to the single “Radio” on a new 12-inch LP from Loma Vista Recordings.

“Sylvan Esso is a great local band with national influence, so we were excited they wanted to premiere their new song on WKNC,” Emily Ehling, WKNC’s general manager, said. “We were happy to accommodate them and hope we can continue doing things like this in the future that bring a national spotlight to North Carolina music.”

Read more from NCSU Student Media.

Plus: Radio Survivor’s College Radio Watch column.

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Student Media in the News


WOBN alumni return for College Radio Day

The festivities started off at midnight Nov. 4 in WOBN Studios with “When Worlds Collide” featuring Al Williamson, Lillian van Wyngaarden and Bailey Ross. Shows continued throughout the rest of the day. College Radio Day closed  with “When World Collide” at 10:30 p.m. after a 22-hour long marathon and a live stream provided by Otterbein TV.

Read more from Otterbein360.

WKCO struggles to obtain sufficient funding from the BFC

Miscommunication and the slow-moving bureaucracy of the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) are threatening to halt the production of WKCO Radio Free Kenyon, the College’s student-run radio station and recording studio.

Both last semester and once again this semester, the BFC voted not to award the studio any funding because they were unsure of the division between radio station and studio spending. To resolve this, money allocated to the radio station was reallocated to the studio. This solution did not last, and what funds were reallocated to the studio are now back in the radio station’s fund.

Read more from the Kenyon Collegian.

WCNI 90.0: The Radio Station Nobody Knows About

In preparation for writing this article, I asked students around campus if they’d ever tuned into WCNI. The majority of responses were something along the lines of, “Wait, we have a college radio station?” Honestly, I was a little saddened by these answers. A campus radio station is pretty awesome; it’s something that makes Conn special.

Read more from The College Voice.

Tarleton Radio Students attend Philadelphia Convention

Two Tarleton State University attended the College Broadcaster Inc. National Student Electronic Media Convention located in Philadelphia from Oct. 20-22. Seniors Austin Bradley and Mark Smith represented the Tarleton Radio Station. Bradley and Smith gave their own presentation on ‘How a format change can save your station’ and had the opportunity to attend seminars.

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WJJW Club of the Month for October at MCLA

The club that brings you polka, political talk, and pop music on 91.1 FM has won the Club of the Month for October. WJJW joins the likes of Debate club, the Wildlife Society, and Book Club with this designation.

Read more from The Beacon.

Radio 1190 hits the FM airwaves

It’s a big move for the independent, student-run college radio station, located in the basement of CU Boulder’s University Memorial Center (UMC).

Since 1998, Radio 1190 has provided unique programming to the Denver/Boulder area, featuring a wide assortment of independent music while promoting a noncommercial message.

The recent purchase and implementation of an FM translator means that, for the first time ever, Radio 1190’s signal can be picked up on 98.9 FM in the Boulder Valley, Lyons, Golden and along US 36 to Broomfield, Colorado. Nicknamed “The AM Revolution,” Radio 1190 previously was available only on the AM dial, or online.

Read more from CU Boulder Today.

WPFS hosts Anti-Election Smackdown for College Radio Day

Monmouth’s own campus radio station hosted their very first event to celebrate College Radio Day on November 4th in the Wells Theater.

WPFS, or Proud Fighting Scots Radio, made its’ debut on radio airways in the summer of 2015, but has provided the sound for Monmouth College since 1961.

Read more from The Courier.

Plus: Radio Survivor Podcast #70 – From Anaheim to Arkansas, and Beyond and the College Radio Watch column.

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Student Media in the News


College Radio Day updates from all over!

WHPK DJs Organize, Fight Back After Changes Result in Programming Cuts

In September, DJs at the student- and community-run radio station were notified that they were no longer granted after-hours access to the Reynold’s Club, the university’s student center where the station is located. The ban has ended WHPK’s 34-year run of 24/7 broadcasting, and silenced the station from midnight through 7 a.m. (weekdays), 8 a.m. (Saturdays) and 9 a.m. (Sundays); and all day during academic holidays and breaks.

Read more from Chicago Tonight.

Commentary: ICTV actively working to address sexism

It is our goal to create an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable sharing incidents of oppression with producers and the executive staff. This is the only way we can address prevalent issues. This should be an environment to learn, and everyone should feel comfortable in order to make it the best learning environment it can be.

Read more from The Ithacan.

PSUC student leads campus radio station

When Gramegna first came to Plattsburgh State as an incoming freshman, she met Audio Radio Production Chair Timothy Clukey, and Television Studio Manager Jonathan Chew gave her a tour of the studios in Yokum. She had such a good experience and appreciated the one on one tour they gave her. Additionally, she had enjoyed making productions, so that’s when she started looking for programs at PSUC.

Read more from Cardinal Points.


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Student Media in the News




This small N.J. college radio station is the best in the nation

And, for the first time ever, the Marconi goes to WSOU.

The recognition is the equivalent of an Academy Award for radio work, and at a ceremony in Tennessee last month, students and teachers from Seton Hall University accepted a Marconi that named the school’s small, student-run radio station the best non-commercial one in the country. Mark Maben, the station’s faculty advisor and general manager, called the win “really something that we, as an entire state, can be proud of.”

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WMUL faculty manager honored

WMUL Faculty Manager Chuck Bailey has joined an exclusive club, but he’s not one to rest on his laurels.

Bailey also works as an executive producer for WMUL’s sports coverage. In addition to live broadcasts of football and basketball games, the station covers other sports, including track, volleyball and baseball. The station also hosts a program in co-production with WFGH called “Basketball Friday Nights,” which covers high school basketball in the state.

Read more from the Herald-Dispatch.


Plus, College Radio Watch gears up to visit Philadelphia, and check out the winners of the CBI National Student Production Awards.


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Student Media in the News


Get the most out of your NSEMC!

WKNC celebrates 50th anniversary as FM by adding HD

On Oct. 9, 1966, WKNC switched from an AM to FM radio station. Fifty years later, the station had upgraded to an HD radio signal.

“We chose October 9 to flip the switch because it’s symbolic as our 50th anniversary as an FM station,” Jamie Lynn Gilbert, associate director of NC State Student Media said. “We’ve grown enormously in the past fifty years and chose that date to highlight the transformation of the station from a carrier current station built in someone’s dorm in Watauga Hall to a 25,000 Watt operation which, in terms of wattage and coverage pattern is one of the top ten largest student-run radio stations in the nation.”

Read more from WKNC.

After 70 years, WKCO will move out of Farr Hall basement

The radio station will have to relocate following Farr Hall’s destruction in July of 2017.

Next year, if you tune your radio to 91.9 FM, the broadcasting frequency for WKCO Radio Free Kenyon, you may hear “broadcasting live from Peirce Hall.”

After the planned July 2017 demolition of Farr Hall outlined by the Master Plan, Kenyon radio station WKCO will move its studio into a temporary space. WKCO general managers Adam Brill ’17 and Julia Waldow ’17 have been meeting with Chief Business Officer Mark Kohlman to facilitate the transition of the station’s office, booth and recording studio. (Waldow is also an art director for the Collegian, and this reporter was previously a radio DJ, though she is no longer affiliated with WKCO.)

Read more from the Kenyon Collegian.

Student athletes find excitement in radio show

From the ice rink to the college radio station, two hosts who share a passion for ice hockey and classical rock music are adding a refreshing twist at the campus radio station. Two members of Stevenson University’s men’s ice hockey team, Doug Rose and Greg Harney, host the show Rosey and the HarnDog, which airs every Wednesday from 10-11 p.m. on Wild Stang Radio (WSR).

Read more from The Villager.

WJHU broadcasts student creativity

From its studio on McCoy’s first floor, student-run radio station WJHU has provided a creative outlet for students since 1945.

Not only do the radio shows feature music genres ranging from indie rock to Bollywood and rap, they also take on other formats like personal interviews with members of the community and fantasy football advice for sports fans.

Read more from The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.


Plus, Radio Survivor’s College Radio Watch column. And, The Village Voice wonders where CMJ went.

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Student Media in the News


Sign up for media tours, demo reel reviews and TV/Radio clinics at NSEMC

Visit the Philadelphia site for information on hotel reservations, convention registration and more.

KUCR honored by campus at its 50th Anniversary Gala

On Thursday, Oct. 6, four days after KUCR’s official 50th anniversary, the college radio station that has been a staple of UCR held its first-ever gala in celebration of its 50 years on the air. Hosted and presented by KUCR director Louis Vandenberg, the event hosted over 10 speakers including UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox, U.S. House Congressman Mark Takano and Pulitzer Prize winner Dexter Thomas, who was the evening’s final speaker.

Read more from The Highlander.

WCSB turns 40: Inside look at the station

WCSB 89.3 — Cleveland’s FM Alternative and Cleveland State University’s college radio station — is celebrating 40 years of broadcasting this year. The station’s history can be seen in every part of the studio, present in the numerous concert posters and artist stickers plastered across the walls while every desk is cluttered with CDs and papers.

Read more from The Cauldron.

The Day the Music was Revived: A Return for WRCM

Over 20 students gathered together last week, eagerly planning and promoting the revival of an integral part of Manhattan College history. After a hiatus, WRCM, the Manhattan College radio station, will be making it’s return to campus in the coming months.

“The station was just around campus. Before we built the Kelly Commons, for instance, it was in the cafeterias in Thomas Hall” Dr. Thom Gencarelli, head of the Communications Department and advisor of WRCM, said. “One day, the signal within the cafeterias just stopped, and no one knows the full story as to why, but that was really the end of the station as a station for the students at the college.”

Read more from The Quadrangle.

Texas college TV station, felled by budgeting, signs off the air

A celebrated Kingwood tradition – LSC-TV Channel 24 – will sign off the air Dec. 31.
LSC-TV is the Lone Star College television station, operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and is located on Channel 24 for SuddenLink cable subscribers in Kingwood and Porter. Besides providing informational videos about Lone Star College-Kingwood and the many guest speakers who speak at the campus, the channel promotes and tapes local events and local issues, especially from Lake Houston-area nonprofit agencies, as well local school districts, chambers of commerce, government and civic groups.

“In these tough fiscal times, our campus must focus on supporting programs that directly impact student success or enrollment and instruction,” explained Lone Star-Kingwood President Dr. Katherine Persson. “It was a financial decision.”

Read more from The Tribune.

Students take over the airwaves

Students are now broadcasting news stories, political and sports commentaries, and interviews on Hillsdale College’s radio station, Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM.

Although many college radio stations air solely music programs, the assorted content of Hillsdale College’s station — including news, talk, and spoken word radio — will provide students real-world experience in multiple aspects of broadcast media. The station’s general manager, Scot Bertram, said he is excited to help them hone the skills that will equip them for career success.

Read more from The Collegian.

‘Protesting the protest’: Radio station will blackout college football game

A North Carolina radio station says it won’t broadcast this weekend’s East Carolina football game after members of the school’s marching band knelt in protest during the national anthem last weekend.

ESPN Fayetteville (WFAY, 100.1 FM), a radio station owned by parent company Colonial Media and Entertainment, says it is “protesting the protesting” of the ECU Marching Pirates.

Read more from WCPO.

New equipment for Michigan’s farthest reaching high school radio station

At 2,400 watts, the station has the potential to reach one million listeners across Michigan. The grant, which was for $2,000, will be used to buy new mixers, headphones, cables and headphone amplifiers. In comparison most high school and even some college radio stations run on 100 to 300 watts, according to Kimberly McKnee, broadcast class teacher overseeing the station.

Read more from The Oakland Press.

Teens host radio show to make a difference in the community

There’s a lot to talk about on “talk radio” these days, but the voices you hear are usually adults.

Well, not on Monday nights at a Portland radio station.

Take a listen to “Blunt Youth Radio,” where teens are making a difference in our community.

Read more from WGME.

Community radio station is a hit at Emory & Henry College

Using his powerful and distinctive voice for radio, Emory & Henry College student Sam Page recently strapped on headphones and prepared for another weekly radio show.

The music education major described his involvement with the college’s radio station as nothing short of amazing.

“I’ve always loved radio. Being part of WEHC is a great experience for me,” said the sophomore, who hosts a show on Wednesday afternoons featuring music from Broadway hits.

Read more from SWVA Today.

Plus, Radio Survivor Podcast episode #66, episode #67 and the College Radio Watch column. And, Paste Magazine weighs in on CMJ.

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Student Media in the News


The Point opens new studios at Brockport

89.1 The Point at the College at Brockport cut the ribbon on their rebuilt main studio on Sept. 14. New floor, ceiling, walls and windows.


In the ribbon cutting photo are (l-r) College President Heidi McPherson, alum and project engineer Michael Black, Operations Manager Kelly Kuehn, Student Government President Devin Bonner and General Manager Warren Kozireski.


WHRW celebrates 50 years of student DJs

“We are a free-format station, which means there are no restrictions on what we can play,” said Jeffrey Goldberg, the director of public affairs at WHRW and a junior majoring in geography. “If you want to go from playing classic rock, to jazz funk, to EDM, to folk, you can.”

Read more from Pipe Dream.

Ithaca College raises the bar in college news set design

Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications has debuted a new set that raises the bar for college TV station set design.

The set, from Seth Easter, features a flexible layout that’s also designed to stand the test of time.

Read more from

WWPI offers an inside glimpse into the music, quirky issues of college life in 2016

About three dozen students, from first-years to grads, fill one-hour slots each day of the week for 11 or 12 hours a day. During times when the studio is empty, an automatic DJ fills the airwaves.

Valim says her own show is a constantly rotating list of music that she works hard to keep varied and appealing. Describing her show as one of electronic or indie music, the computer science major says she especially likes Alt-J, Warpaint, and Tycho. She debuts new playlists every week, which are so diversified she rarely plays the same song or artist during a single school year.

Read more from WPI.

Complete schedule for CBI’s NSEMC is posted!

Visit the Philadelphia site for information on hotel reservations, convention registration and more. The complete session schedule is coming soon!

Plus, Radio Survivor visits KEPC at Pikes Peak Community College, WCAS at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Podcast episode 65 and the College Radio Watch column. And, Vice weighs in on the status of CMJ.

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Student Media in the News


Princeton Keeps WPRB’s History Alive

In honor of its 75th anniversary, Princeton University’s college radio station WPRB curated a special exhibit full of radio artifacts: “WPRB: A Haven for the Creative Impulse.”

Containing a variety of materials, the exhibit traces the station’s long history from its start as carrier current radio station WPRU beginning in 1940, to the launch of WPRB(FM) in 1955, to its current incarnation as one of the rare commercial FM college radio stations in the United States.

Read more from Radio World.

Longtime DJ wears many hats at college radio’s KSPC

Include Erica Tyron on the short list of folks who are “living the dream.” Ms. Tyron, Director of College Radio at Pomona College’s KSPC 88.7 FM, has been on the job since 1992, when she received her diploma from Scripps College.

“When I graduated I essentially lucked out and took over,” Ms. Tyron said. She had been on the air as a KSPC DJ since 1988, and had “pretty much done every job you could do before I graduated.” During her senior year, KSPC’s previous director, Julie Frick, announced she was stepping down after 11 years at the station. “I said ‘She has my dream job,’” and after a round of interviews the self-confessed music nut and journalism junkie was hired. Then 21, Ms. Tyron has been stewarding KSPC—aka “The Space”—ever since.

Read more from the Claremont Courier.

KBGA turns 20

KBGA College Radio will celebrate its 20th birthday on Friday, Sept. 30 at the Palace Lounge with four different bands, dancing, giveaways and more.

“Our philosophy for this year’s event was to throw parties, not shows,” said Ava Pepprock, the promotions manager for KBGA, who has been planning the event since early summer.

Read more from Montana Kaimin.

Wheaton considering sale of WETN radio & TV station

WETN, Wheaton College’s television and radio station, is considering the possibility of selling its broadcasting license due to under-utilization.

“At present, we are focusing exclusively on the possibility of a sale,” said Dale Kemp, vice president for finance and treasurer at the college.

The station has found that as digital technology continues to advance, the value of the radio and television medium to students has fallen, according to Kemp.

Read more from the Wheaton Record.

CBI announces special sessions and pre-convention sessions for 2016 NSEMC

Visit the Philadelphia site for information on hotel reservations, convention registration and more. The complete session schedule is coming soon!

Plus, Radio Survivor’s College Radio Watch column and visits to KUCI in Irvine and KBPK in Fullerton.

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Student Media in the News


How Columbus State University got a radio station

Danna Gibson and Scott Sellnow-Richmond have each played a vital role in launching Columbus State University’s new WCUG radio station.

A year later, WCUG has grown and surpassed all of its goals. Both professors sat down with reporter Carrie Beth Wallace to discuss the process of obtaining WCUG, how it’s grown over the past year and where the station is headed.

Read more from the Ledger-Enquirer.

In a First, Blind High School Student Is Matanzas-FPC Football Game’s Radio Commentator

Trent Ferguson is 18 years old. He plays drums in a rock band with some friends from school. He’s got his own podcast.  And he wants to be a professional sports broadcaster when he grows up.

None of this sounds different from thousands of other high school seniors in America right now. Except Trent is quite a bit different from all those other aspirants who can at least see a Norman Rockwell if it’s pointed out to them. He’s been completely blind since birth. He has never seen a thing, at least not the way most of us understand seeing. But he’s about the most optimistic, chipper person you’ll talk to, and his disability might as well be the spotter to his sense of humor.

Read more from

Is CMJ happening this year? Probably not

As the annual time for CMJ’s lineup announcement approaches, several industry sources tell Pitchfork that it isn’t taking place at all in 2016. The CMJ website also hasn’t been updated in months.

However, in reply to a question from Pitchfork, the operator of CMJ’s Facebook account wrote today: “As crazy as it seems, as of now, our CEO, Adam Klein, still says it’s happening. You now have all the info I do.”

Read more from Yahoo, plus another article on CMJ from Stereogum.

CBI announces Keynote, awards finalists and emcee for 2016 NSEMC

Finalists in the CBI National Student Production Awards have been announced in 24 categories on the CBI Philadelphia website. Winners will be announced at the annual National Student Electronic Media Convention in Philadelphia on Saturday, Oct. 22, directly following the keynote address by Glenn Schuck. The awards will be emceed by local TV anchor Lucy Noland.

Visit the Philadelphia site for information on hotel reservations, convention registration and more.

Plus, Radio Survivor’s College Radio Watch column and Radio World’s Campus View.

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