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CBI Fall Convention Schedule is Now On-Line

We know the excitement is growing about the CBI conference at the National Student Media Convention.  The complete schedule of sessions is now available!  Stay tuned and check in often to see how your station can win prizes in addition to the fantastic learning experience that this conference has to offer!

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Upcoming Saving College Radio Events

Jennifer at Radio Survivor has posted about the events being held concerning the survival of college radio (click the link to read the article).  In this item, Jennifer includes the CBI convention along with the her appearance as well as representatives from WRVU and KTRU.  Jennifer also mentions the special track of sessions (not just one session) that deal with this issue at the CBI convention.

Come and learn about how to prevent your license from being sold,  what to do if it is sold and how stations with out a license can benefit from the lessons learned from their licensed brethren.


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Fall Convention Registration Booklet Now Available!

It is hard to contain the excitement about the National Student Media Convention!  We have brought in so much that stations have been asking us for registration materials long before we were able to make them available.  Working with our friends at ACP and CMA we are able to announce that registration is now open for the exciting convention!

At the moment, registration is limited to old school media via our registration booklet.  In a few days, you will be able to register on-line with a credit card.   Stay tuned!

Don’t wait to book your hotel room!  We have literally booked the hotel for this convention.  You can book your room right now.  Information is available in the registration booklet!




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College TV Highlighted in Campus Explorer

Campus Explorer offers a short item on campus college TV stations in this article.  Here are some quotes from the article.

“Some stations, such as Wheaton College’s WETN, started out as radio stations. As televisions became more commonplace in American households, eventually it began broadcasting video as well. Other schools have separate television and radio stations.”

“Student video is also a great way to help you with your classwork. As an underclassman, you can prepare for exams without leaving your dorm room. CTV airs review sessions for Columbia’s core classes once a semester. ”  How common is this practice?

“Best Schools for College Video.  Other schools that were rated to have strong college television stations and media programs include New York University, Pepperdine University, Ithaca College and the University of Southern California.”  The article does not reference its source for these “ratings”.

Campus TV and the Internet

Frequency TV posts all episodes of its hugely popular “Freq Out” variety show online. Ithaca College’s ICTV 16 records some of its content as podcasts. Wheaton College students can stream WETN programming live online. You may also be able to find clips of shows posted on YouTube.”

Not much of a story and it appears to be poorly researched, but it isn’t often we see any sort of ‘news’ about college TV.

With that in mind, CBI wants to remind you that we are hear for you and we can help you and your station through mutual collaboration.  CBI has a number of sessions dedicated to student video outlets at the Fall National Student Media Convention in Orlando (click the events tab above for more information), including topics that cover basics (what are those numbers in my camera, mic applications, a roundtable on youtube channels, automation, Final Cut Pro and more!).  We also have an email list to discuss issues specific to TV/video outlets.   To join the CBI-TV E-Mail List, send an e-mail to listserv@listserv.syr.edu. In the body of the message, type “Subscribe CBI-TV” (with out the quotes).

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Tag Yourself!

We have just started to load photos of 2010 Fall Conference, many more to come! Tag yourself! Tag your your new friends! Tag your adviser, tag, your it!

Don’t forget to complete you session evaluations!

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College Station Operational Document Resource Updated!

CBI maintains a resource page for college stations that includes manuals, operational policies and helpful documents at https://www.askcbi.org/?page_id=46 .   The intent of the page is to offer stations with links to documents that might help in forming or reforming documents.  None of the links are intended to suggest the best, rather to offer a variety resources for stations to look at when updating or forming new documents.

Recently, many of the links on the page had become dated.  Most of the deadlinks have been fixed, but some remain.  We have reached out to the stations with dead links and asked them to provide us with current information.

If you are willing to share and add to this resource, please send an email to ExDir@askcbi.org with a link to your station documents or include them in an attachment!

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CBI Conference Registration Now Open

Register now and save!

The largest and best student media convention is now accepting registrations for its annual fall conference!  ~2,250 students and advisers get it!  They will converge in Louisville this October for the National College Media Convention!  Register now and order a CBI T!

This is not about homogenization, rather learning about our differences, sharing our plights, sharing and most importantly learning from each other.   You will come back re-energized and with lots of new ideas and a few new friends.  See the convention page for details.

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