Discounts for CBI Members

Membership entitles stations to send students to the annual National Student Electronic Media Convention at a discount. If you send just four members, the savings will more than pay for membership. Also, discounted conference registration for station staff. Don’t forget these benefits when you are adding up the pros of joining CBI!

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Jonathan Shute at Broadcasters General Store. Due to Minimum Advertised Pricing policies call for discounted prices. 352-622-7700 phone; 352-629-7000 fax or 352-236-8512 direct; Mention you are a member of CBI.

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10% Off Communications Technologies, Inc. services

Broadcast engineering and telecommunications design services are provided by the firm to satisfy the specific requirements of AM, FM and TV broadcast stations and other Radio Frequency transmission entities. These services include allocation studies to assess the potential for new facilities; development of site selection criteria; design of AM, FM and TV antenna systems; preparation of the engineering portion of FCC application for construction permit or license and preparation of auxiliary broadcast applications. Extensive in-house computer facilities are used wherever possible to insure accuracy, repeatability and to improve efficiency.

Specialized services include preparation of system specifications; design and field adjustment of AM medium wave directional phasing and branching equipment, diplexers and multiplexer equipment; numerical modeling of antenna impedance and radiation patterns; field strength measurements including construction of temporary test transmitter facilities; station inspection and equipment analysis; preparation of draft environmental impact statements concerning non-ionizing radiation; filing of FAA Notice of Proposed Construction; expert testimony; VHF and UHF antenna pattern modeling and antenna range studies; non-ionizing radiation measurements and computations; Radio Frequency propagation studies using FCC and NBS methods; propagation studies for VHF and UHF radio systems, cellular and PCS; Broadcast Auxiliary Services frequency coordination and path analysis.

For more information, contact Communications Technologies, Inc. through their website at