(Re)Introducing WMHB, Colby’s popular radio station

On the ground floor of Bob’s, down a hallway and past a bulletin board littered with radio stickers, lives Colby’s on-campus radio broadcasting office. WHMB, headed by Sam LeFeber ’17, airs a variety of student-run shows all week. Programs range from talk shows and “epic banter” to hour-long classic rock jam sessions. Sometimes, if there is a big event on campus, WHMB will arrange a behind-the-scenes interview with the speaker. With the wide assortment of shows, WHMB’s weekly schedule promises something for everyone.

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Art from the Attic: K-UTE Radio gears up for National Record Store Day

This year, the University of Utah’s own K-UTE Internet Radio has decided to join the festivities by participating in Vinylthon on April 22, which has been designated Record Store Day. According to Geoffrey Sutyak, the online content director for K-UTE, Vinylthon is an event sponsored by College Radio Day, an organization that aims to support college radio promotions.

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New tune in town: KDRU brings ‘college sound’ radio to Springfield

There is something fairly new in the air– make that ‘on’ the air. KDRU, ‘Dru’ as in Drury University, is the campus radio station making a mark on the local airwaves.

At 98.1 on the FM dial, it’s the only independent radio station in Springfield completely operated by college students.

“I am proud of the different skills I have been able to accumulate,” said Erin Hotchkiss, a student who also serves as the news director for the station. “I am proud that these people just kind of let me hop in; I think it was kind of the right place at the right time…”

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Registration is now open for the Broadcast Management track of the College Media Mega Workshop
  • Registration fee for the Broadcast Management track is $199 for four days of workshops, training and special programs tailored specifically for student leaders and advisers for broadcast media outlets.
  • Lodging and parking are available at University of Minnesota residence halls.
In conjunction with CMA, ACP and CMBAM, CBI will present the College Media Mega Workshop, a summer student media leadership workshop, July 13-16, 2017 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Join student leaders and advisers for CBI’s Broadcast Management track, a four-day intensive broadcast-focused training, and learn what you need to know to lead your student broadcasting group in 2017 and beyond.
Successfully managing student radio, video and multimedia organizations requires mastery of technology, legal issues, organizational development and more. CBI’s Broadcast Management track will provide attendees with the skills they’ll need to succeed in this unique field. Designed for student leaders, new advisers, and veteran advisers looking for a refresher, this intensive training will ensure you’ll hit the ground running in the new school year. Topics will include FCC rules and regulations, building and organizing your team, copyright laws, producing content, underwriting sales and much more.

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And, CBI is accepting entries for the 2017 National Student Production Awards, nominations for the Joel Willer award and session proposals for the 2017 National Student Electronic Media Convention Nov. 2-4 in San Antonio.