Join us Saturday for our keynote speaker session with John Curley, host of the Curley and Tom Radio Show in Seattle. John is a former host of King 5 TV’s Evening Magazine, the highest-rated regionally produced TV show in the country for fourteen years.

curleyJohn has a long list of awards and accomplishments, having picked up an Emmy for weather in 1993 and for interviewing and hosting in 1994. The zenith of his career was reached in 1995 when he was hired for Evening Magazine. John quickly became the most recognized local TV personality and was voted by the readers of Seattle Weekly as their favorite “TV Guy.”

In this presentation, John Curley, whose Emmy-winning, star-studded, implausible career defies “normal,” shares his personal formula for succeeding through difficulty in this high-energy presentation. Having a 30+ year experience in broadcast, both television and radio, John brings a complete broadcast perspective that can help lead to your own career achievements and future success.

For more information about John Curley, visit or follow him on Twitter @curleyseattle.