“On June 26, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission mailed the secondof its Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) audit letters for 2013 to randomly selected radio stations. In accordance with the provisions of Section 73.2080(f)(4) of the Commission’s EEO rules, theFCC annually audits the EEO programs of randomly selected broadcast licensees. Each year, approximately five percent of all radio and television stations are selected for EEO audits.”
To see if your station is on the list, see click here.

“If the Unit is not required under our rules to have an EEO recruitment program due to the nature of its full-time workforce (having fewer than five full-time employees, defined as employees regularly assigned to work 30 hours a week or more), you must still respond to this audit letter.  However, in your response, you are required only to provide a list of the Unit’s full-time employees, each noted by job title, the number of hours each is regularly assigned to work per week, and a response to Question 3(e) below.  Also, in formulating your response, please see Questions 4(a)-(d) below regarding brokers and brokered stations for instructions for situations in which the applicable employment unit has fewer than five full-time employees.  .”

If your station is on the list, talk to the licensee and let them know that they need to respond in a timely manner.