Finalists in the 2008 College Broadcasters National Student Production Awards have been selected. Awards will be presented at the National College Media Convention in Kansas City, Oct. 29-Nov. 2.

Best Student Media Website (combined)

WGLS Rowan University
ICTV Ithaca College
KTSW University of Texas-San Marcos
SBU-TV SUNY Stony Brook Television


Best General Entertainment Program
District TV, Savannah College of Art and Design “Dog & Pony Show Episode 2″
WSAZ-TV , Marshall University ,“Up Late With Jamie LoFiego Episode 18”
Moore Hall TV, Central Michigan University, “The Australia Project”
ICTV, Ithaca College, “The Race 2”

Best Comedy
Cable 8 Productions, Washington State University, “Cop Drama”
TSTV/KVR-TV, University of Texas at Austin,“The Wingmen”
District TV, Savannah College of Art and Design,“Dog & Pony Show”
ICTV, Ithaca College, “B.S. Detectives”

Best Technical Production
ICTV, Ithaca College, “The Race 2”
Cable 8 Productions, Washington State University, “Video Underground 4302”
MHTV, Central Michigan University, “2008 Detroit Auto Show”
MHTV, Central Michigan University, “The Australia Project”

Best Promo
Comm351, Ohio Northern University, “For Students, By Students”
ICTV, Ithaca College, “ICTV 24 Hour Marathon Promo”
CTV, College of Charleston, “CTV Bump”
ICTV, Ithaca College, “ICTV Promo Sign On”

Best PSA
KYOT-TV, University of South Dakota, “The Violante PSA”
COB 112, Tougaloo College, “Mississippi State Funeral Board”
CommArts 3359, University of Incarnate Word, “P.S. Angel”
CTV, College of Charleston, “C of C—Campus of One”

Best Live Sports Production
CTV, Colorado State University, “Hockey “
TSTV/KVR-TV, University of Texas-Austin, “Texas Softball vs. Texas Tech”
CAPS 13, Pittsburg State University, “Northwest MO MIAA tournament Final Round”
ICTV Ithaca College, “Bombers Football”

Best Sportscast
ICTV Ithaca College, “Sports Final”
Northwestern News, Network Northwestern University,“SportsNight” Nov. 15, 2007
KBVR-TV, Oregon State University, “The Beaver Sports Show”
UMTV, University of Mississippi, “Newswatch Sportscast”

Best News Reporting
ISU-TV, 18 Iowa State University, “Illegal Downloading”
CTV, College of Charleston,”Calhoun Annex”
ONU Cable 3, Ohio Northern University, “Ada’s Best Kept Secret”
KBUR-TV, Oregon State University, “Determination”

Best Newscast
CBI regrettably reports that the box containing the Best TV Newscast entries were lost in shipment prior to judging. As a result, we will be unable to judge and award this category this year. We apologize to all student stations who submitted entries and we will do everything in our power to ensure this doesn’t happen again in the future.

Best Special Broadcast

Cable Ch. 24, University of North Carolina, “A Semester in the Wake of Tragedy”
CTV and KCSU, Colorado State University, “Roe… Live!”
ICTV, Ithaca College, “The Race Reunion Special”

Best Documentary/Public Affairs
CAPS 13, Pittsburg State University, “Everyone Lives Downstream”
ICTV, Ithaca College,“Busking in the Big Apple”
Broadcast 455, Washington State University, “Cougar Gold Cheese: How It’s Made”
MHTV, Central Michigan University, “Alden B. Dow Home and Studio”


Best DJ
WKNC-FM, North Carolina State University, Americana Blues and Company
KCSU-FM, Colorado State University, Christina Dickson
WONC-FM, North Central College, Paige Spangler
WUMS-FM, University of Mississippi, Will East

Best Documentary
WGLS-FM, Rowan University, “Fading Farms & Saving Grace”
WYBF-FM, Cabrini College, “Our Hands Are Not Tied”
KUOM-AM/FM, University of Minnesota, “Pioneer of Broadcasting: KUOM”

Best Technical Production
KAOR, University of South Dakota, “U. Radio Image Project”
WCRX, Columbia College, “Production Package”
WCHL, University of North Carolina, “Carolina Connection-Memorial Service”
KTSW, University of Texas-San Marcos, “Lover’s Lane”

Best Station Promotion
SCAD Radio, Savannah College of Art and Design, “Heima”
WSOU, Seton Hall University, “60th Anniversary Concert”
WMUL, Marshall University, “Hair From The Herd”
WPTS, University of Pittsburgh, “Langerado Music Festival”

Best Public Service Announcement
SCAD Radio, Savannah College of Art and Design, “Red Cross Pool Safety”
KAOR, University of South Dakota, “Heartland Humane Society”
WMCO, Muskingum College, “Facebook”
WZND, Illinois State University, “Buckle Buddy”

Best Sports Reporting
WICB, Ithaca College, “History of the Cortaca Jug”
WMUL, Marshall University, “Metal vs. Wood”
WCHL, University of North Carolina,“Spring Football Look Ahead”
WZND, Illinois State University, “NCAA Wrap”

Best News Reporting
WCHL, University of North Carolina, “Whistling Away”
WMUL, Marshall University, “The Pumpkin House”
WNUR, Northwestern Universit, “Evanston City Council May Oppose Iran Intervention”
SCAD Radio, Savannah College of Art and Design, “The SCADDY Awards”

Best Newscast
WNUR, Northwestern University, “Mar 4, 2008”
WONC, North Central College, “May 14, 2008”
WMUL, Marshall University, “April 4, 2008”
WKNC, North Carolina State University, “Sept. 7, 2007”

Best Regularly Scheduled Program
WSUM, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Late Night with M. White”
KUOM, University of Minnesota, “Radio K Music Fundamental”
WMUL, Marshall University, “The Last Show Tonight: Best Show Ever”
WUMS, University of Mississippi, “The Morning Show’s ‘Man Talk'”

Best Sports Play-by-Play
WNUR-FM, Northwestern University,“Indiana vs. Northwestern Football”
WMUL, Marshall University, “Marshall – ECU Football”
WBSU, SUNY Brockport, “Women’s Golden Eagle Basketball vs. Cortland: SUNYAC Championship”

Best Promo
Radio DePaul, DePaul University, “Quite Simply the Rock Show”
KVRX, University of Texas-Austin, “Compliments”
WONC, North Central College, “Mission Rock Promo”
SCAD Radio Savannah, College of Art and Design, “Jazz Chasm Intro”

Best Feature
KTSW, Texas State-San Marcos, “In the Public Interest – Political Candidates and Issues – Part 2”
KALX-FM, UC-Berkeley, “The Graduates: Jeff Silverman” 4/21/08
1360 WCHL, University of North Carolina, “Carolina Connection” March 8, 2008
Dpt. Radio TV Film/Sound Comm, Rowan University, “College Stories”