Special Project: An exploration of death and dirt

Grace Seidel, 55, recently decided to have her remains composted once she dies. Seidel has a passion for death and dirt which reinforces the idea of her body going back to the earth.

“It’s easier for me to just know that when my life s over, it will be over,” says Seidel. “So I can make the best of what I have now, be the kindest person I can be, and hope people feel good when they think about me.”


Listen to Seidel talk more about dirt and death:


Reporters capture unique angles in the field

Constanza Gallardo reports in the field
NPR Next Generation Radio reporter Constanza Gallardo shoots photos of subject Grace Seidel while covering a story in Seattle on Oct. 21, 2014.

Reporters for NPR’s Next Generation Radio began their projects as part of a week-long multimedia training project.

Constanza Gallardo’s story revolves around Seattle resident Grace Seidel, who is fascinated by the Urban Death Project and wants her remains turned into compost.