Urban Death Project: turning human bodies into compost

Everybody will one day die. But the way people say goodbye to the recently deceased body varies to the country and culture. In the U.S. there are two main options: traditional burial and cremation.

A Seattle architect hopes to change that.

Katrina Spade is the founder of the Urban Death Project in Seattle. Listen to her talk about the process and space for the project:

Watch the video with Katrina:

Reporters capture unique angles in the field

Constanza Gallardo reports in the field
NPR Next Generation Radio reporter Constanza Gallardo shoots photos of subject Grace Seidel while covering a story in Seattle on Oct. 21, 2014.

Reporters for NPR’s Next Generation Radio began their projects as part of a week-long multimedia training project.

Constanza Gallardo’s story revolves around Seattle resident Grace Seidel, who is fascinated by the Urban Death Project and wants her remains turned into compost.