Special Project: Mushroom hunting to survive


Jeremy Faber is a commercial mushroom hunter in Seattle, Washington. When he’s not managing his business, he promotes eating wild food.




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Jeremy says his business, Foraged & Found Edibles, can deliver around 500-600 pounds of mushrooms a day.

Special Project: Jemil’s Big Easy food truck Positive Reinforcer

Since 2011, Jemil’s Big Easy food truck has brought savory and flavorful dishes that define Cajun cuisine from New Orleans up to the streets of Seattle, Wash. For Next Generation Radio, Alyssa Mendez Batista hopped inside the food truck to talk to Candace Lachelle Johnson, the food truck’s Positive Reinforcer. Candace is daughter of Chef and owner Jemil Aziz Johnson and has been working on the truck since the summer of 2012 bringing her positive attitude and vibrant personality every day at lunchtime.

Mr. Ono becomes the school counselor he needed

Steven Ono

“If I did have a counselor who was Japanese from Brazil and he was my middle school counselor, I think I would have had more questions answered then I had at the time. And I think that’s what every student wants is to have somebody that can answer those questions.”

Reporter visits Native American powwows

Man dressed in Native regalia walks at a Native American powwow
A young man dressed in Native regalia walks on the side of the dance arena at the eighth annual Eastside Native Education Program Veteran’s Powwow held in Kirkland, Wash., on Oct. 11, 2014. Photo by Imana Gunawan

As part of the reporting process for her story on Native American two-spirit identities, NPR Next Generation Radio reporter Imana Gunawan visited a traditional Native American gathering, commonly known as powwows, held in Kirkland, Wash., on Oct. 11, 2014 in order to learn more about indigenous cultures. In American Indian traditions, “two-spirit” is an umbrella term for Native identities that intersect with LGBTQ identities.