Special Project: Finding greens in a food desert

Seattle is filled with a variety of supermarkets, but for some residents access to fresh food isn’t easy. Carrie Ferrence, co-founder of Stockbox Grocers, hopes to change that. Stockbox opened last year in the First Hill neighborhood, in the heart of one of Seattle’s food deserts.

Stockbox Grocers brings groceries to food desert

Produce section at Stockbox Grocers
Stockbox Grocers brings fresh produce to Seattle’s First Hill community. The neighborhood is one of the city’s food deserts. October 21, 2014. Photo by Nancy DeVille.


Stockbox Grocers, in the heart of Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, opened in 2013. The 2,000 square foot store is a hub for fresh produce and groceries for many residents with limited transportation options in one of the city’s food deserts.