Special Project: Reviving a native language

Abuse and trauma almost destroyed the native language of Lushootseed near Tulalip, Washington. Lushootseed teacher Natasha Gobin has made it her life mission to restore the native language to her community.

The Tulalip community has felt the repercussions of the U.S government’s campaign to eradicate native languages in the late 19th century.

Gobin’s great-grandmother suffered this abuse at a boarding school, which was run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Many families near Tulalip share this painful history and are still experiencing the effects.

Special Project: Mushroom hunting to survive


Jeremy Faber is a commercial mushroom hunter in Seattle, Washington. When he’s not managing his business, he promotes eating wild food.




Listen to his story here:

Jeremy says his business, Foraged & Found Edibles, can deliver around 500-600 pounds of mushrooms a day.