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College radio stations pay tribute to Prince

I was as shocked as everyone else yesterday when I glanced up at a TV screen at my local diner and saw the breaking news that Prince has died. I voiced my disbelief and soon there was a chorus of commentary from my fellow restaurant patrons. Wasn’t Prince just in town performing? Was he really only 57 years old?

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KJHK celebrates 40 years with events, documentary

Join us and take a look at how your sound alternative has changed in the 40 years since its humble beginnings in 1975. From the humble beginnings in The Shack to its fresh location in the Union, KJHK has played an important role in many different lives.

See the documentary here.

WFRD to host weekend anniversary celebration

On Saturday, April 30, Dartmouth University will host a series of free public talks in celebration of both the 75th anniversary of regular student broadcasting on campus and the 40th anniversary of the launch of WFRD. The panel discussions will feature numerous industry professionals, many of whom are alumni of the station.

More information and a complete schedule may be found at at

KFJC’s 36th Month of Mayhem to feature more than 40 specials and Battle of the Surf Bands #7


Award-winning, student and volunteer-run Foothill College radio station KFJC 89. 7 FM is launching its 36th annual “Month of Mayhem” on May 1, 2016. This annual KFJC tradition features a month of special programming produced by KFJC DJs on a variety of topics. This year’s schedule includes at least 40 specials so far, with more being added every day up until the end of May. In 2015, there were 60 Mayhem specials, with at least one special a day throughout the month of May.

For more information, visit KFJC’s Mayhem Calendar.

KSYM’s to celebrate 50th anniversary with bands, more
KSYM is planning a party for Saturday April 30 at a beautifully restored downtown theatre, the Charlene McCombs Empire Theatre, part of the Majestic Theater complex in San Antonio.
 Visit the station event Facebook page for more information.
WTBU makes plans to rebuild
“The response has been unbelievable,” says Donohue (COM’88), a COM associate professor of journalism. “We have had calls from alums offering to paint, clean, do anything they can to help rebuild. One guy made a $1,600 donation, and then apologized, saying it was too small, but he had been out of work for 10 months. It’s been very gratifying.”
Read more from BU Today.
WUML: Making Waves

It is no secret that UMass Lowell  is teeming with clubs and organizations that appeal to almost any interest students may have. WUML, UML’s radio station, is such an organization. However, despite the dedication and commitment of staff and interns, not everyone on campus is aware that UML has a radio station.

Read more from The Connector.

Deans of Radio: Student Broadcasters at WFNM

“I’m not the Dean of Radio,” jokes Dan Lewis, faculty advisor to the WFNM radio show, “that job belongs to the students.”

Even well before arriving at Franklin & Marshall College in 1984, Lewis has been an avid follower of the College’s student-run radio network, one that has remained exclusively under the administration of students, which is seldom found at other college radio stations.

Read more from Franklin & Marshall College.

Plus, Radio Survivor’s Podcast and LPFM Watch column.

Ballots are due tonight at midnight for CBI Elections. See candidate statements here.

And, entries are open for the CBI Student Production Awards, nominations for the Joel Willer Award and submissions for session proposals are being accepted for the 2016 National Student Electronic Media Convention Oct. 20-22 in Philadelphia.




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Student Media in the News


Brenau recognizes founder of campus radio station

“She has left indelible marks on the Brenau landscape,” said President Ed Schrader. “Those marks continue today as we celebrate the twin 40th anniversaries of our flagship radio station 89.1 WBCX and what is today our Mass Communications Department, neither of which would exist without entrepreneurial spirit, high standards of excellence and dogged determination of Clara Martin.”

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KSSU celebrates 25 years as Sac State’s scrappy student-run radio station

Garcia, the station’s manager, is one of 37 student DJs at KSSU, the radio station that has, despite numerous struggles to stay afloat, managed to stick around for 25 years—an accomplishment the station is celebrating April 15 with an event that’s been billed as an “alumni takeover.”

Read more from the News Review.

Vinyl revival hits the airwaves

“We’re going to play some really bad records,” Fuller said.

Michael Jackson bad, of course. To Fuller, Michael Jackson and vinyls go hand-in-hand. Fuller recalls receiving a free Michael Jackson record at the mall. When he got home, his father let him use the record player for the first time. It was a bonding moment he said he’d never forget.

Read more from The Shorthorn.

College Radio Unites at KZSC-Hosted Spring 2016 UCRN Conference

A highlight of visiting KZSC is its amazing location in the woods on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. Housed in its own cabin-like building, KZSC is an inviting college radio station (see my 2009 tour here). Surrounded by shelves full of vinyl records and CDs, the large lobby area has a living room feel with couches and KZSC pillows. An eye-catching quilt on the wall was stitched out of an array of KZSC T-shirts and swag (including a 2013 UCRN tote bag) and the familiar Leo Blais sign is perched in one corner near a KZSC guitar. Stickers, posters, and handmade signs cover every remaining bit of wall space.

Read more from Radio Survivor.

Plus, Radio Survivor’s College Radio Watch and Podcast Episode #42.

And CBI updates

The annual National Student Production Awards are accepting entries in audio, video and combined categories. Entries must be original work by students (totally student-produced) for a campus media outlet or college credit course. For more information, visit the Call for Entries page.

Submissions are being accepted for session proposals for the 2016 CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention in Philadelphia Oct. 20-22. For more information, visit the session proposal page.

Nominations are being accepted for the Joel Willer Award, presented in recognition for exceptional dedication and service to student electronic media. For more information, visit the Willer award page.



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Student Media in the News


CBI updates

The annual National Student Production Awards are accepting entries in audio, video and combined categories. Entries must be original work by students (totally student-produced) for a campus media outlet or college credit course. For more information, visit the Call for Entries page.

Submissions are being accepted for session proposals for the 2016 CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention in Philadelphia Oct. 20-22. For more information, visit the session proposal page.

Nominations are being accepted for the Joel Willer Award, presented in recognition for exceptional dedication and service to student electronic media. For more information, visit the Willer award page.

And, polls remain open for CBI elections for President, Secretary and Treasurer. Members, check your email for the ballot link. Candidate statements are available on the website.

#SaveWTBU campaign to raise funds after COM fire

“As far as I know, equipment essential to our ability to broadcast was severely damaged,” wrote Leist, a junior in the College of Communication. “I couldn’t be more upset about how seriously our studio was impacted by the fire. Equipment and materials in our executive board lounge that weren’t burned by flames were damaged by smoke.”

Read more from the Daily Free Press. Donations to WTBU can be made online using this link and should include a note designating the gift for the WTBU Fund at Boston University.

Plus, the latest from Radio Survivor’s LPFM Watch, College Radio Watch and Podcast #41!

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Student Media in the News


CBI National Student Production Awards accepting 2016 entries

The annual National Student Production Awards are accepting entries in audio, video and combined categories. Entries must be original work by students (totally student-produced) for a campus media outlet or college credit course. All entries must be submitted online by Friday, May 13, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Entry is free for CBI member stations.

Entry fee for non-members is $65 per entry per category, with payment to be processed online at the time of submission. Non-Members must registered with CBI in order to submit for the awards. Register with CBI by following this link.

Non-members may have the submission fee waived by becoming a CBI Member station. CBI members also receive a discount on registration for the National Student Electronic Media Convention. Non-members wishing to become members will be required to pay for membership online during the last week of the submission window. Become a CBI Member station by following this link.

TENTINDO: Without WTBU, Boston University’s heartbeat gone

A fire in the College of Communication this past Friday sent five people to the hospital for smoke inhalation, caused $500,000 worth of damage and forced WTBU to stop broadcasting. Our radio station’s role on campus is only emphasized in its absence.

As a student-run radio station, WTBU provides a platform for Terriers to showcase their skills and provide entertaining content on air. College radio, as it always has been across campuses, is an opportunity for students to give themselves a voice in a system in which their voice is frequently overlooked.

Read more from The Daily Free Press.

WNYU comes to Peet’s

And, I have to say, I’m no avid frequenter of other campus hotspots, but I guarantee you won’t be listening to us there. There has been a recurring interest, or battle, involving WNYU’s right to broadcast somewhere in NYU. Somewhere where people could reconvene and check more interesting sounds.

Read more from Verge Campus.

WMTS Radio to hold spring benefit, vinyl fair

It’s that time of the semester again — WMTS 88.3, the student-run radio station on campus, is hosting its spring benefit and vinyl fair. The spring benefit is Saturday at 8:00 p.m. at Murfreesboro’s own Mayday Brewery. For just five dollars, you can experience all of the craft beer locally made and unique to Mayday while hearing live music.

Read more from MTSU Sidelines.

And, profiles from WRSU from Rutgers University, Coog Radio at the University of Houston, and KDPS in Des Moines.

Plus, Radio Survivor’s College Radio Watch, WICB celebrates 75 years of college radio at Ithaca, WMCO celebrates “Radio Week” and the latest from the first Radio Preservation Task Force conference.


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Student Media in the News


2016 CBI National Student Production Awards open soon

The Call for Entries is officially posted for the 2016 CBI National Student Production awards and will start accepting entries on Monday, April 4. The Awards provide a great opportunity for students to showcase their work in a nationally recognized competition, with 24 categories in audio, video and multimedia — including promos, news reporting, comedy, entertainment, sports, best DJ, station imaging, website design and more. The entry deadline is Friday, May 13. For more information, visit the Call for Entries page.

San Antonio station celebrates 50 years

KSYM is celebrating their 50 year anniversary of being on-air in San Antonio, making KSYM the oldest community college radio station in Texas. The pledge drive begins March 28 and runs through April 3 and hopes to raise funds for new equipment and computers.

For more information, visit KSYM or Fox San Antonio.

Montco Radio to hold alumni broadcast

Montgomery County Community College’s (MCCC) student-operated Internet radio station, Montco Radio, will host its first alumni broadcast April 16 (2016; Saturday) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and will feature radio station alumni from the 1980s through today. The live shows are being produced from a studio in the Advanced Technology Center at the college central campus.

Read more from The Limerick Post.

Vice CEO Shane Smith would rather give a ’23-year-old kid straight out of school’ a TV show than someone experienced

In an interview with Marketing Week, Smith said: “We go to the tech colleges and get the best shooters and the best cutters. There could be a 23-year-old kid straight out of school and [we say to them] ‘okay, now you’re running a TV show’.”

Read more from Business Insider.

Thefts from RTVF span decade

The 15 newly discovered items were connected to the account at the pawn shop of Gerald “Larry” Quick, said Campus Police Lt. Louis Zizzo. A long-time City College employee, Quick, 62, was arrested last month and charged with the theft of four video cameras, two of which were found at the shop.

Read more from the San Diego City Times.


Plus, Radio Survivor’s LPFM Watch, College Radio Watch and new podcast episode. And, CBI’s Radio World Campus View column.


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Student Media in the News


CBI 2016 Student Production Awards coming soon

The annual CBI Student Production Awards will open for entries in early April. This worldwide competition includes entry categories in audio, video and combined media for exceptional student work this year.

The official Call for Entries will be announced on the website, plus on the CBI Twitter and Facebook. Previous winners’ work is also available for review.

Manhattan College upgrades studio gear

“Our goal is to teach on equipment that’s used by the pros, so that our students will walk in on day one of their first job or internship and feel comfortable,” Grabowski says of the space, which is also the location of this semester’s Studio Television Production (COMM 308) course being taught by Robert Coleman, an adjunct professor and coordinator of media and technology for the Communication department.

Read more from Manhattan College.

Plus, the Radio Survivor podcast says your station should be on the Internet, since very few people still have AM/FM receivers at home.


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Student Media in the News


Triton College Radio celebrates 40th anniversary

“It’s almost like a high school reunion,” director Kurt Werner said. “It goes back 40 years.”
According to Werner, Triton Radio started as a club. After about six months, the college received some equipment, and a got a license to become a radio station. Although the launch of Triton Radio was in May of 1975, the first official air date is unknown.

Read more from the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago State’s WCSU radio station is school’s hidden treasure

“We’re not locked into a specific genre of music. We’re not stuck into the same rotation in the music that we play,” Hibbler said. “Here at WCSU radio, we also have the opportunity to kind of be a platform for new independent artists that are coming up locally. National artists that are not signed, but are looking for an opportunity to be heard.”

Read more from Medill Reports Chicago.

Rollins College radio show gives seniors a voice

Run with the help of older adult volunteers out of a basement at Rollins College, the show features content aimed at Central Florida’s swelling population of seniors. Each week listeners tune in for an hourlong, in-depth look at topics spanning dating after 50 to end-of-life wishes. For a recent show about meditation, Kelly didn’t let his hearing aide difficulty hinder his booming presence.

Read more from the Orlando Sentinel.

Plus, Radio Survivor’s College Radio Watch column.

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Student Media in the News


WKNC raises $6,000 at Double Barrel Benefit 13
WKNC 88.1 FM raised $6,000 from its Double Barrel Benefit 13 event, an annual two-night concert that serves as one of the station’s primary fundraisers. Money raised from events like this account for about 14% of WKNC’s annual operating budget.
Double Barrel Benefit 13 was held Saturday, Feb. 13 at Kings in Raleigh and Saturday, Feb. 20 at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro. This marked the third time WKNC hosted the event on two different weekends and on two ends of the Triangle. The station’s 25,000-watt signal can be heard throughout the region.
Read more from WKNC.
NextRadio kicks off college street team program

“We are looking to get college students involved and informed about FM chips in smartphones and to introduce or re-introduce them to live, local radio,” said Maura Kautsky, vice president of marketing for NextRadio in an announcement.

Selected participants will receive a NextRadio-enabled smartphone with a three-month phone plan, $100 Visa gift card and NextRadio promotional items. The first-place winner will receive a $1,000 gift card, with smaller denominations for second and third place.

Read more, and get submission deadlines, from Radio World.

WVU Parkersburg radio station WPKM ‘The Beet’ now online

Listeners in Wood and Washington County can turn the radio dial to The Beet at 96.3 FM. Anyone anywhere can experience the student programming of The Beet by downloading the TuneIn Radio app or online. Live streaming is available on the WPKM website at and a link is available on the homepage of the WVUP website at
Read more from WVUP.

Hopkins WJHU Radio provides outlet for expression

“A school radio station is important because it allows students an additional outlet for self-expression,” he wrote in an email to The News-Letter. “On insular college campuses like Hopkins, it can be difficult to find opportunities for your opinions to be heard, especially on topics such as music.”

Read more from The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.

KTUH: 100 percent student-run, 100 percent listener-funded

KTUH General Manager Nick Ciuffetelli said one week out of the year for about 60 hours, KTUH fundraises from callers, raising donations varying from $10 to $1,000.

Read more from

SoundExchange launches ISRC search site

“We are proud to announce today the launch of the SoundExchange ISRC Search Site, the fast, easy and FREE way to look up International Sound Recording Codes (“ISRCs”) for your sound recording metadata. Please read our press release for more information, or visit the site today to check it out at”

Plus, Radio Survivor’s LPFM watch and College Radio Watch.

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Student Media in the News


TUNED IN: BU’s college radio station turns 50

Fitting, then, that at the very moment marking a half-century since WHRW’s first FM transmitter hummed to life — 7:30 p.m. Feb. 4, to be exact — current station members were strategizing about the upcoming semester as part of a spring general interest meeting. A cheer went up among the students assembled, they shared slices of a small cookie cake — then they got back to the work at hand.

Read more from Press Connects.

Students Bring WCUA Radio Back on the Air

After a brief hiatus last semester, WCUA is back on the airwaves under new management, featuring a new variety of disc jockeys and talk show hosts.

Joseph D’Antonio resurrected the radio station after a shut down by University officials for faulty licensing. D’Antonio is WCUA’s head Station Manager and is very excited to be back on the air.

Read more from The Tower.

Partners in Progress: Making a Scene

“You need to know something,” he says in all seriousness. “Nothing in this town happens until it happens.”

This is something Samuel has learned repeatedly as the general manager of WGCS-FM, Goshen College’s student-run radio station otherwise known as 91.1 The Globe. It’s something he’s lived, something he’s overcome and something for which he has prepared.

Read more from Goshen News.

An eventful semester on the way for WSYC

88.7 WSYC, whose call letters stand for We Serve Your Community, is the student-run radio station at Shippensburg University. For those unaware of SU’s radio station, which broadcasts from the Ceddia Union Building (CUB), now would be a good time to start paying attention. According to General Manager James Bailey and Public Relations Director Matthew Trust, this is going to be a big semester for WSYC.

Read more from The Slate Online.

WXOU brings old-school dating back

On a Monday, night one lucky lady had the chance to find romance in a fair, easy way. The catch? The three men she had to choose from to go on a night out to the movies were hidden away in a separate studio. No names and no titles were provided, just answers to her personal questions.

In a retro game show style, Oakland’s radio station, WXOU gives Oakland students a chance at love, or at least a free date with an interesting person, with the WXOU Dating Game.

Read more from the Oakland Post.

Rider University’s 107.7 The Bronc WRRC FM to broadcast live from 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

In 2013, 107.7 The Bronc made history, becoming the first college radio station in the 184-year history of the Philadelphia Flower Show to broadcast live from this world-renowned event. At the time, The Bronc was selected over many of Philadelphia’s notable commercial and college radio stations, primarily because of the station’s programming and audience, which is complementary to the event. The same reasoning is true today, and why The Bronc has been selected to return each year.

Read more from Rider University.

Remembering WCFM: 40 years ago, a Columbus High School student ran a radio station out of his basement

Just a junior in high school at the time, Hermanson became something of a local celebrity as he broadcast nightly on 89.9 FM — dubbed “The Super CFM” — with help from his friends and others who were intrigued by his little station.

Read more from the Columbus Journal.

A look back at WMPG and sports on the airwaves

“WMPG has had several sports programs throughout its history,” said Lisa Bunker, the radio station’s program director for the past 14 years.

Although WMPG does have an extended history of working with USM athletics in this regard, the station does not currently cover campus athletics, and hasn’t for some time now. This is the result of a mutually-beneficial agreement between WMPG and the athletic department on campus

Read more from the Free Press.

Plus, episodes 34 and 35 0f the Radio Survivor podcast, college radio is older than you think and the College Radio Watch column.

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Student Media in the News


WSUM continues to share music and more with UW-Madison area

Hands-on experience with media production offers students involved in WSUM a leg up in applying for jobs post-college, Black explained. He said students involved in WSUM get more experience on the air and are able to make more important decisions for the station than what an internship would provide.

Black said several WSUM alumni go on to work for large stations across the nation.

Read more from the Daily Cardinal.

Michigan student radio stations to undergo program changes

Both student radio stations under WMHW-FM, Moore Rock 91.5 and Mountain 101.1, will undergo program changes at midnight Sunday, welcomed by a full week of nonstop live DJs. Mountain programming will move to the 91.5 signal, which gets a wider reach. The 101.1 signal will switch to a hip hop format. The change was driven by Moore Rock losing popularity and a need for funding.

Read more from Central Michigan Life.

Merrimack College’s Radio Station, WMCK, launches new logo

The logo design competition launched in mid-November to the whole college and resulted in about 35 to 40 entries. Out of these entries, all radio DJs were invited to vote on which logo they felt represented WMCK the best. This narrowed the competition to three logos by Michael Giammasi, Erika Caires, and Anthony Forman. At this point the President’s Office was sent the three logos, and from there President Christopher E. Hopey approved the winning logo.

Read more from Merrimack.

Plus, College Radio Watch wants to know what the 100th station visit should be, and their latest podcast on radio history is up.

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