Board Blog: NSEMC 2017 – What a weekend!

What a week it was! More than 400 students from 85 schools converged on the Hyatt Regency River Walk in beautiful downtown San Antonio for the sixth annual CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention November 2-4, 2017.

Paul Crutcher, CBI Secretary

Our event officially opened on Wednesday afternoon as students began receiving official credentials and complimentary CBI messenger bags filled with giveaway items, conference programs and information about local restaurants and points of interest. Attendees also received a vendor bingo card — making them eligible for valuable prizes that were given away throughout the week.

Sessions were well attended throughout the conference on a broad range of topics led by industry professionals, students, faculty and staff members and attorneys. Topic choices were expansive allowing a broad range of sessions for all participants — from radio, television, film, broadcast sports, newswriting, podcasting, copyright, FCC inspections, music scheduling, social media, management and training, diversity, programming, promotions, drone use, underwriting/fundraising, documentary work, and much more.

Students were given opportunities to have air checks, demo reels, and resumes reviewed by industry professionals. Others participated in station tours of Cox Media Group, KSAT-TV 12 ABC, and KSYM-FM San Antonio College.

CBI President John Morris and Willer Award Winner Chris Wheatley. Photo by Marty Kurtz.

The weekend culminated with the National Student Production Awards with finalists in 25 categories with finalists in 25 categories with CBI President John Morris as master of ceremonies. Prior to the handing out of trophies, the CBI board was introduced, followed by the presentation of the 2017 Joel Willer award to Chris Wheatley, retired manager of Television and Radio Operations at Ithaca College.

Students then heard a keynote address from Roger Lindley who discussed ways to make quality film productions on a limited budget. Finally, Jenny Lee, a former CBI attendee and current morning and mid-day host on San Antonio’s Magic 105.3 handed out trophies to hopeful nominees. Samples of winning entries were played during the ceremony as students posed for photos with their respective trophies. The complete awards list and clips of the winning entries are online here.

CBI’s NSEMC demonstrated once again that it is the place where students can make valuable connections with fellow broadcasters who become friends and sometimes colleagues. It is a place where ideas are shared, skills are refined, and contacts are made with respected industry professionals. We thank everyone for making the trip to Texas – to the beautiful and historic river walk area of San Antonio. We thank you for your support and your input as we look ahead to conventions to come in the future.

We will see you at the Renaissance Seattle hotel from October 25-27, 2018 for next year’s NSEMC!



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Student Media in the News

Taking the time to look more deeply: 40 years of public radio in Idaho

The station grew out of a radio club on the campus of Boise State University that has roots all the way back to the 1930s, when the school was Boise Junior College. In the 1960s, the student radio station was a training ground, with low-power transmissions across campus. In the 1970s, after the school became Boise State University, the station settled on the call letters KBSU. The official launch didn’t really occur until 1977, when the station first joined the FM dial as a noncommercial broadcaster. Now it was legit.

Read more from The Idaho Statesman.

Heavy SF Power Trio Headlines Benefit For Community Radio Station

Late last month, the organization announced a major victory. The FCC granted the group a new frequency at 102.5 FM and approved its proposed call letters, KXSF, with plans to return to a terrestrial broadcast in January of 2018. However, the group still has a long way to go as far as raising funds for a new transmitter and other expenses to get the new radio station up and running in time for the January launch. With over half of the group’s goal of $80,000 already raised, the organization is hosting one of its biggest fundraisers yet this Saturday at Thee Parkside headlined by iconic SF doom-metal stalwarts Acid King.

Read more from CBS San Francisco.

Help us make the 2018 Seattle NSEMC better than ever

Whether you did or didn’t attend the 2017 NSEMC in San Antonio, we want your ideas for our 2018 convention in Seattle next October. Take the survey and let us know what you want to see from our programming in the Emerald City!

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Student Media in the News


FSU radio station V89 celebrates 30 years on-air

V89, Florida State’s student-run, 24-hour radio station, is celebrating its 30th birthday. Having collected a dedicated following and garnering much respect, both locally and nationally, the station’s 30th birthday is exciting to many, especially when you consider that radio is supposedly a “dying industry.”

Read more from

CBI’s annual NSEMC celebrates, honors best in college broadcasting

See the complete list of winners from the 2017 National Student Production Awards online.

Plus, Radio Survivor podcast #114.

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Student Media in the News

KSYM rewards student volunteers with trip to national media convention

“Because the convention is in San Antonio this year, we have the opportunity to take a handful of students so that they can find out more about college media from around the country,” KSYM General Manager John Onderdonk said Oct. 4 in an interview. “These are students who have been volunteering around the radio station, attending the staff meetings and working hard.”

Read more from The Ranger.

The Countercultural Power of College Radio

On October 6, KSPC joined hundreds of other college radio stations in a celebration of College Radio Day. KSPC set up a booth with live DJs at the Smith Campus Center and hosted a Thai food social in the KSPC station. The goal was to draw attention to KSPC’s existence on campus and encourage people who may be unfamiliar with the station to get involved.

Read more from The Student Life.

Vinyl album exhibit honors student radio station’s 45th year

Gutkowski and Lacorato were among a crowd that celebrated 45 iconic albums released during the 45 years that student-run radio station WSDP-FM (88.1 The Park) has been on the air at the high school Plymouth-Canton Educational Park.

Music lovers, including radio station alumni, gathered Friday at the Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex, or PARC, to kick off the Vinyl Recall exhibit that runs Oct. 24 through Nov. 16, with albums, artwork and other memorabilia on display.

Read more from Hometown Life.

Me Too: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in College Radio

For many, though, college radio can be an oasis. In her piece, Women in American College Radio, in the Panoptic last month, Sydney Catherine challenges women to work to dismantle the stereotypes that lead to many women eschewing the music and radio industries. She argues, “It’s up to the younger generation of women to change the discussion. Especially in an age where women in media are often relegated to sidekick status or even forgotten from the narrative, college radio exists as one of the few spaces where females and/or gender nonconforming individuals can safely express their views and foster a community.”

Read more from Radio Survivor.

On to the next song…

“A college radio station is radically different from a professional one—both in terms of management and content—and since people were now coming to us for a chance to learn how professional radio works, we simply needed to start acting more like one,” Director of The ‘Burg 2 Rune Torgersen said.

Read more from The Observer.

Plus the College Radio Watch column.


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101 reasons, and then some, to come to #CBISanAntonio!

101 sessions, an award-winning Keynote Speaker, the River Walk and the Alamo. It’s CBI San Antonio 2017!

John Morris, CBI President

We are just weeks away from CBI San Antonio and the National Student Electronic Media Convention! I am very excited to get there for all that this offers, including great sessions, networking, an awesome location and, as always, great restaurants to visit.

Starting with the sessions, which is usually the first reason why most of us make the annual pilgrimage to the NSEMC. There is a great list of topics that will keep you learning all day each day. If you haven’t looked at the sessions, head to the convention site and check out the listings.  It doesn’t matter what area of student electronic media you are in, there are numerous topics that you will find interesting. If your specialty is video, a quick sampling will show you topics that cover sports video, approaches to make profession videos and how to get your video accepted in film festivals.

If audio and radio is your thing, there are sessions every hour that will help you and your media outlet improve. These topics include on-air tips, music scheduling, remotes and formatting. Regardless of your station’s genre, you will learn about new ideas from professionals, college instructors and your own peers. It’s amazing how often you can learn from students talking about different approaches that they take at their own outlets.

The NSEMC is much more than radio and TV. Beyond the hard skills that you can learn, there are also soft skills that will help you move up the management ladder, be it before or after graduation. Then, there are also the sessions covering social media, working with your school’s administration, and the growing popularity and necessity of podcasts. If you don’t return to your school with a notebook full of ideas to share with your station, well, you just weren’t paying attention.

As I mention a notebook, I strongly encourage you to take one with you, or whatever digital device on which you like to take notes. As you are learning, write down what was said, the approaches suggested, and the tips to help make changes. When you return to your student electronic media outlet, share those ideas with the rest of the staff. This way, learning will carry on to the next set of leaders. Even though I have been attending these conferences for over 10 years, it never ceases to amaze me that my staff and I learn something new every time.

We’ve worked to make the schedule flow so that you can attend a full morning of sessions, take an hour lunch, during which no sessions are happening, then back for an afternoon of learning. That’s for Thursday and Friday. Make sure that you stay for Saturday as well. We open the morning with more topics that will add to the knowledge you will have already gained. Then after a lunch break, we cap the NSEMC off with the keynote speaker and then the National Student Production Awards. Our keynote speaker, award-winning videographer Roger Lindley, will help you learn the tricks to making quality videos on a limited budget. This is something everyone will be able to use, even if you are in radio, social media, news, sports or any related field.

After the sessions, be sure to take in everything San Antonio offers, including conventions sites that have offer so much more. There’s the famous River Walk out the back door of the hotel, the Alamo a block outside the front door, incredible restaurants in all directions, and the general beauty and hospitality of the people of San Antonio. After you get to the hotel, you will find that everything you want or need is easily within walking distance, or perhaps a short and enjoyable boat ride.

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Student Media in the News

Joining us in San Antonio? Early-bird registration rates extended

 Early-bird convention registration rates have been extended through Friday, Oct. 6!

Radio stations with a sense of community

But it’s another, unsung area of broadcasting that’s live and local to the hilt: community radio. These are the mostly tiny, mostly FM stations that focus on various forms of community: a neighborhood or a town, or a listenership devoted to eclectic or specific types of music. Many offer a mix of local talk, public affairs programming and music shows, often featuring artists performing live.

Read more from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Signing off: WNKU goes silent after final broadcast

“My message is just thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you to anyone who ever gave money to the radio station who supported us financially. Public radio is so important to communities. I don’t know if we could be more grateful,” Felix said.

Read more from WLWT Cincinnati.

Students should support all campus media

As a newly licensed DJ at WTSR 91.3FM, the College’s student radio station serving Mercer and Bucks counties, I’m faced with a single overbearing dilemma — not many people are actually listening. No matter what music I play or how well I do my part, I feel like people around campus will never get the chance to hear my work, nor the work of our radio station’s amazing executive board and general staff. Usually, I have to inform members of my family and friends through social media that I’ll be on air. Sometimes, I really feel like the sound of leaves blowing in the wind — you can faintly hear me in the background, but most of the time I go unnoticed.

Read more from The Signal.

Plus the College Radio Watch column and the Radio Survivor Podcast.


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San Antonio: ‘I Can’t Wait!’

“Looks amazing! I can’t wait to go and check out some of these panels with the rest of the staff.”

Mark Maben, CBI Development Director

That is an actual quote from one of my students. It was in an email this student sent me after taking a look at the schedule for the National Student Electronic Media Convention (NSEMC). It is not the first time someone has expressed this kind of enthusiasm to me when it comes to the NSEMC, and I don’t think it will be the last.

Simply put, attending the NSEMC is one of the best investments you will make this academic year. If you are involved with student-run electronic media, there is no better value in terms of time and money than this annual convention. I have yet to have any student tell me that attending the NSEMC was a waste of time. Through the years, they have found the experience to be not only valuable, but essential to becoming more effective student leaders and better at their student media jobs.

With the early-bird deadline for registration just a week away (the deadline for the lowest rate of $100 for members is Oct. 2!), now is a good time to take a peek at some of the things that are in store for NSEMC 2017. A few highlights include:

  • Incredible Sessions! With more than 100 sessions and panels scheduled, you will find plenty of topics that interest you. Check out the awesome line-up of sessions that CBI has put together here:
  • Improve Your Media Outlet. The NSEMC’s Video/TV and Radio/Audio Clinics are unique opportunities for a one-on-one (or group) meeting with an adviser from another student media outlet. The adviser will help you gain new insights into the questions and challenges faced by your media operation. You don’t have to go it alone! Sign up now to reserve your timeslot.
  • Become A Better Music Programmer. For 2017, we’ve incorporated MusicMaster’s highly successful Genius Day workshops into a series of sessions on Thursday, Nov. 2. Even if you don’t have MusicMaster at your station, you will benefit from the many music scheduling and programming tips you’ll learn throughout the day.
  • You’ll Laugh. You’ll Cry. You’ll Cheer. Whether you are a nominee or not, you don’t want to miss The National Student Production Awards on Saturday afternoon. Held right after the keynote address, you’ll see and hear the very best the student media world has to offer.
  • Get Ready to Impress. Back by popular demand, the NSEMC will feature private resume and demo reviews with award-winning radio report Glenn Schuck from America’s most listened to all news radio station, 1010 WINS in New York City. Space is limited, so sign up now. And don’t miss career-focused sessions like Getting Your First Job in TV, Breaking Into Sports Media and Working with Boomers.

  • Media Tours. CBI has secured three tours of media facilities in San Antonio. Registration is now open online.
  • Make New Friends. Whether you are a student, adviser, faculty member or industry professional, the NSEMC is an excellent place to connect with peers who share your interests and understand your struggles. Come ready to build a network of support and inspiration.
  • It’s San Antonio! The convention hotel is right on the famous Riverwalk, and from The Alamo to the San Antonio Museum of Art to Market Square, there is plenty to see and do after convention hours. Plus Mi Tierra is open 24 hours!

Each year the NSEMC keeps getting better. So if you haven’t already, make your plans now to join your fellow CBI members at NSEMC 2017. Again, the early bird registration deadline is Monday, Oct. 2. Visit to register.

I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!







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Board Blog: Thanks, again, Minneapolis!

KDWB host Falen Lambert gives an insider’s view of morning shows.

CBI hosted the first-ever Broadcast Management track at the College Media Mega Workshop last week in Minneapolis and the results exceeded even our most optimistic projections.

Greg Weston, CBI Immediate Past President

Thirty students and advisers gathered on the beautiful campus of the University of Minnesota for an intensive, three-day workshop designed to give them the tools to

hit the ground running and improve their media outlets in the coming school year.

Attendees learned from the best — and I don’t just mean the five CBI board members who led sessions. College Media Business and Advertising Managers (CMBAM) president Tami Bongiorni led an underwriting workshop. Frank LoMonte of the Student Press Law Center presented on the legal issues we all face in broadcasting and social media. Local morning show co-host Falen Lambert taught them how to put design a show. And they were able to visit the magnificent studios of Radio K (KUOM) at the University of Minnesota.

Frank LoMonte presents the ins and outs of staying legal.

CBI is grateful to our hosts, Associated College Press, for inviting us to join them, CMBAM and College Media Association at the Mega Workshop. Collaboration of this sort among college media groups enhances our ability to provide great services to our members. We hope to join them again in Minneapolis next summer.

We hope you join us there, too.

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Student media in the news

Skidmore DJs All Tuned In; Heard Beyond Campus ‘Bubble’

The station’s low-power signal fades away after about 15 miles in any direction. In addition to FM radios, though, listeners anywhere can tune in by visiting the WSPN website.

In his time at the helm, Klein found that the “tight-knit community” of DJs makes WSPN more sustainable than other college radio stations. He also said the “non-homogenized” music and commentary itself clearly separates WSPN from local FM stations that tend to inundate listeners with overplayed songs and commercials.

Read more from Saratoga Today.

As KASU Hits 60, New Media Is the Message

“It has always been connected to an academic unit that prepares students for careers in media and communication,” he said. The ways it fulfills that mission, though, have changed as remarkably as the technology students use to produce the broadcasts and the ways the audience engages with it.

And today’s media industry isn’t looking for just radio announcers, TV reporters, news writers and social media specialists. It’s seeking prospects who do it all.

Read more from Arkansas Business.

Better Know a College Radio Station: West Virginia University’s WWVU

“The graveyard shifts have been a rite of passage at U-92 for as long as anyone can remember. They’re a great opportunity for a DJ to learn the ropes of operating the board while on the air, with slightly less stress.”

Read more from BandCamp.

College radio in the podcast era

Thirteen of Minnesota’s Private Colleges have college radio stations; all of them are student led with a focus on serving the campus community. Some are long running stations that started as early as the 1940s, others are recent additions utilizing new online steaming platforms to provide radio to their campuses. Stations have a range of music, talk radio and sports broadcasts that often stream or play 24-hours. Many of the older radio stations have added streaming to keep up with the modern listener.

Read more from Minnesota’s Private Colleges.

Registration is now open for the Broadcast Management track of the College Media Mega Workshop!

  • Registration fee for the Broadcast Management track is $199 for four days of workshops, training and special programs tailored specifically for student leaders and advisers for broadcast media outlets.
  • Lodging and parking are available at University of Minnesota residence halls.
In conjunction with CMA, ACP and CMBAM, CBI will present the College Media Mega Workshop, a summer student media leadership workshop, July 13-16, 2017 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Join student leaders and advisers for CBI’s Broadcast Management track, a four-day intensive broadcast-focused training, and learn what you need to know to lead your student broadcasting group in 2017 and beyond.
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Student media in the news

WICB says thank you to General Manager Chris Wheatley

For 32 years, Chris Wheatley, the Manager of Radio and Television Operations at Ithaca College has dedicated countless hours of service to WICB — including some time working on the station as a student himself. Now, as he prepares to retire, the staff and past alumni wanted to give a huge “thank you” to the man who taught us all way more than how to turn on a microphone.

Hear the story at

WKNC releases “First Semester” mixtape

WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1, North Carolina State University’s student-run college radio station, is releasing a mixtape, “First Semester.” The mixtape is a robust music compilation highlighting 23 North Carolina artists in the hip-hop, electronic and indie rock genres. The mixtape is set to be released on May 19th  and can be downloaded at Downloaders are encouraged to donate any dollar amount to help support WKNC’s mission of supporting local artists and educating students about radio broadcasting.

Registration is now open for the Broadcast Management track of the College Media Mega Workshop!

  • Registration fee for the Broadcast Management track is $199 for four days of workshops, training and special programs tailored specifically for student leaders and advisers for broadcast media outlets.
  • Lodging and parking are available at University of Minnesota residence halls.
In conjunction with CMA, ACP and CMBAM, CBI will present the College Media Mega Workshop, a summer student media leadership workshop, July 13-16, 2017 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Join student leaders and advisers for CBI’s Broadcast Management track, a four-day intensive broadcast-focused training, and learn what you need to know to lead your student broadcasting group in 2017 and beyond.
Plus, Radio Survivor visits KLMU and KXLU, and the College Radio Watch column.
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