Comments on Webcasting Settlement Due 11/26/2014

The statutory license for “Non-commercial Webcasters” (like you, quite likely) is due to expire at the end of 2015. CBI has negotiated a settlement with SoundExchange that would largely keep the same rates and terms of the statutory license in place for the next five years after that (from 2016 through 2020).

For this to happen though the Copyright Royalty Board needs to approve the settlement, but in order for them to do that, the Copyright Royalty Judges need to hear from you. They need to know you think the rates and terms in the settlement – essentially the same as the rates and terms you have been used to for the past few years – are reasonable.

Without that feedback there is no guarantee that the rates and terms for the next five years will be as good. (In fact, without that feedback there’s a real possibility they will not be.)

Letting the judges know that they should adopt the settlement is simple. First, read it at http://www.loc.gov/crb/fedreg/2014/79fr65609.pdf. Then, send an email to crb@loc.gov on behalf of your station stating that you support the settlement as being a reasonable.  Send it on or before November 26, 2014. (more…)

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Weekly Showcase: Ohio University

This week we are showcasing ACRN (All Campus Radio Network) broadcasting from Ohio University! Founded in 1971, the all student-run station has a long and rich history. Since 1999 the station has been a 24/7 webcasting power house playing a “college rock” format but also including speciality shows ranging from hip-hop, metal, punk and classic rock.

The station uses their website and social media in creative ways to interact with their audience. They offer four different blogs from their staff talking about the latest music news and they have a Tumblr page that features photos from recent shows.

They also produce videos to highlight local bands and recent guests!

To listen to this awesome station check out their live feed – ACRN Listen Live! And to find out more about ACRN – The Rock Lobster check out the sites below:

Facebook   –   Vimeo   –   Tumblr   –   Flickr   –   Twitter

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CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention 2012 – Atlanta, GA

Fellow CBI Members:

I am pleased to announce that this fall, for the first time ever, CBI will present its own convention, to be held October 25 – 27, 2012 at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in downtown Atlanta.  UPDATE: The convention website is now open.

The CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention is the only conference dedicated exclusively to the interests of student radio stations, TV/video outlets, and webcasters. Held in one of America’s media capitals, the conference will feature three days of interactive sessions led by broadcast professionals and your peers, as well as the presentation of the National Student Production Awards.  

While our past convention partnerships with CMA and ACP have been fruitful, the CBI Board of Directors is excited about this opportunity to put the interests of student broadcasters first. With an exclusive focus on issues related to student radio, TV, and online broadcasters – as well as an affordable, conveniently located venue – we are confident that our convention will be the most beneficial experience your station will have this year.  

As with all CBI initiatives, this will only succeed with the support of our membership. Please begin making your plans to join us. We are also looking for members to share their expertise by submitting a session proposal. Registration, session proposal information, and additional details will be distributed in the near future.

 We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta and, as always, welcome your feedback. 

Thank you, 

Greg Weston
CBI President

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Article: “The Case for College Radio”

Olivia Yankey from CollegeMagazine.com wrote an article asking “When was the last time you listened to your campus radio station?” and stating that “College students are a part of the age group that’s abandoned radio faster than anyone else in the U.S. With iPods, music-enabled smart phones and websites like Pandora and 8tracks, it isn’t hard to see why radio listenership of all types has been on the decline.” It also discusses what some stations are doing to get fellow students interested in their station. To read more from this article click on the link – The Case for College Radio

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Internet streaming/webcasting annual fee due 1/31

January 31 is the last day to pay webcasting fees for those already licensed.  Remember, CBI negotiated to allow student radio stations to be able to pay a $100 fee in lieu of reporting to SoundExchange any of the must you play, if your ATH is low enough.  If you have questions about webcasting fees, please feel free to call CBI!  For more information see our post on this issue and what forms you need to complete.

If you are just starting your radio stream this calendar year, you have 45 days from the end of the month in which you start streaming to pay SoundExchange.


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Confusing Email or Letter from SoundExchange?

Did you receive an email or letter from SoundExchange that contains a lot of legal gibberish like this:

According to our records, you are the contact for a noncommercial educational webcaster that is currently relying on the statutory licenses set forth in Sections 112 and 114 of the U.S. Copyright Act (the “statutory license”) and has previously submitted payments to SoundExchange under the rates and terms available to certain eligible noncommercial educational webcasters pursuant to 37 C.F.R. Subpart C § 380.20 for the 2011 period.  We are writing to remind you about the obligations for noncommercial educational webcasters for 2012.

Our non-lawyer team who negotiated the legal issues with the assistance of counsel offer this advice:

If you are webcasting music and haven’t obtained permission for each and every selection aired, you need to pay SoundExchange.  It’s fairly simple.

  1.  Complete the notice of election.  If you received the email, you have already certified that your station meets the criteria as being primarily student run at an eligible institution.  If nothing has changed, you don’t need to worry about the criteria.
    1. In section II. you are asked to select a reporting option. The options are Reporting Waiver, Sample-Basis Reports, Census-Basis Reports.  Most stations will select reporting waiver. By selecting the reporting waiver option, you are certifying that your station never exceeded an average continuous listenership of more than 75 on your web streams in 2011 or expect to in 2012 (55,000 ATH) and you will need to pay an additional $100.   If this is not you and you don’t understand the other options, contact CBI!
    2. In order to be able to pay the $100 fee and not submit reports, you must submit the form by January 31, 2012 (if you are already webcasting – if you are not already webcasting, contact CBI).
    3. In section III you are asked to provide the name of the licensee.  Find your station at on the Copyright Office web site. and use the name you find as the licensee.  If this is different from the name of the school, enter the name of the school where it asks for the name of the parent on line 2.
    4. Complete the rest of the form and process a check (likely at the same time as you process the check for the $500 below).  This IS your invoice.  SoundExchange will not generate an invoice for you.
    5. Don’t stop here.
  2. Complete the Minimum Fee form.  Unless you exceed the numbers above, this is the only additional form you will need to complete this year.
    1. Line 1 of the form.  Enter the same name of licensee that you used on the previous form.
    2. Line 5, enter zero unless you previously made a payment for 2012.  We can’t imagine why any station would have done this.
    3. Complete the rest of the form and process a check.  This form IS your invoice.  SoundExchange will not generate one for you.
    4. Submit both items at the same time.  Do so before January 31, 2012 to continue receiving the discounted rates and reporting waiver CBI negotiated for you.

Questions?  Contact CBI!  Want to start webcasting/haven’t received the form?  Contact CBI!  Think your copyright fees are paid by a membership in an organization?  Unless your primarily student-staffed station 1) receives funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or 2) has a subscription with a streaming provider that expressly includes the royalty fees, your station or institution must pay the fee if you stream online.  If you are uncertain, get the facts by contacting CBI!

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CBI Members Have a Chance to Win Free Software and Streaming

CBI and Spacial are proud to partner on a special contest for CBI members.   Enter here for a chance to win a radio software and streaming package that includes one SAM Broadcaster license, one SAM Cast license, free streaming for one year, a mobile app, and more!  Entries must be made by 11:59 pm (E.S.T.), on October 27, 2011.   It takes just a minute to fill out the online entry form found at http://spacial.com/cbicontest/index.html.  Good luck!

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CBI Fall Convention Schedule is Now On-Line

We know the excitement is growing about the CBI conference at the National Student Media Convention.  The complete schedule of sessions is now available!  Stay tuned and check in often to see how your station can win prizes in addition to the fantastic learning experience that this conference has to offer!

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In Orlando, Let Skip Pizzi and CBI be Your Guide to the Digital Media World

Digital Media Expert Skip Pizzi

What does the future hold for today’s graduates as broadcasting converts itself to a multiplatform content distribution system formerly known as radio and TV?  How is digital media transforming all businesses and career paths?  Is simply putting your programming on the web enough?  How should students, advisers, and professors adapt to this transformation?  Can traditional broadcasting stay relevant in a digital world?  At the CBI conference at the National College Media Convention, join Skip Pizzi, Director of Digital Strategies at the National Association of Broadcasters, who will discuss how this transition will ultimately mean more and better service for consumers, and greater opportunities for fun and fascinating careers in the broadcast industry and beyond.  Skip has a unique gift for making cutting-edge technology easy to understand and inspiring audiences to embrace the future.  Do not miss what promises to be one of the most talked-about sessions of the convention. 

Friday, 1:30 p.m. in the Fantail Room, 2nd floor of the Renaissance SeaWorld Hotel.    

Who is Skip Pizzi?  Check out his incredible career here

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Fall Convention On-Line Registration is OPEN

ACP is handling the registration for the fall National Student Media Convention with CBI and CMA.

Orlando is the site of the 2011 CBI ConventionRegister on-line NOW!

Book your hotel room on-line!

Additional registration and hotel information is available here.

There are a number of opportunities to market products and services  to student broadcasters!  Contact us via our toll free number 855-ASK-4CBI.

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