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NPR acquisition of UNLV radio station possible 

Nevada Public Radio is poised to assume immediate control of UNLV radio station 91.5-FM The Source this December. The public service operating agreement is finally on a Board of Regents meeting agenda after years of deliberation.

Read more from The Rebel Yell.

Use Amazon Smile to give back to CBI

CBI is a partner with Amazon Smile. Set your Amazon Smile to CBI and a percentage of every purchase you make through Amazon goes back to support student media. For more information on Amazon Smile, visit

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Student Media in the News


CCC launches campus-based radio station

Coahoma Community College Radio WCQC 91.3, a new 50,000-watt FM station, will soon be broadcasting from the campus of CCC in Clarksdale, Miss.

Read more from the Press Register.

College Radio Stands With France
The program originally played on the one-week anniversary of the attacks on French college radio stations across the country, and on college radio stations globally. More stations plan on broadcasting it this week as well.
Read more from Radio World.

WMSR radio lets students take charge of the mics

“The station’s a melting pot,” said Jeremy Brinling, general manager of WMSR. “About a quarter of the shows are talk shows, half are talking and music and the last quarter are just music.”

Read more from the Miami Student.

California College Radio Participants Meet Up for Fall 2015 UCRN Conference at KSPC

UCRN conferences are a long-time tradition and typically take place twice a year at a different California college radio station, often alternating between Northern and Southern California from semester to semester. Stations volunteer to host the conferences, which are free to attendees.

Read more from Radio Survivor.

Plus, the latest Radio Survivor podcast and College Radio Watch.

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Board Blog: WMCO takes a field trip to visit WPTS


Lisa Marshall, CBI Treasurer

Lisa Marshall, CBI Treasurer

Our WMCO radio staff had the awesome opportunity to visit a fellow CBI member station this past weekend. I accompanied nine enthusiastic students for the two hour drive to tour WPTS at the University of Pittsburgh.

The excitement the students brought back far exceeded my expectations. A short day trip was not only a fun way to spend a Saturday, but allowed us to brainstorm ways WMCO could better improve our programming by seeing firsthand how another CBI station operates.

Students on the tour who attended CBI Minneapolis were able to continue conversations started at the convention with their peers. Additionally, students who attended our WPTS trip but couldn’t attend the convention found another way to connect with CBI on a smaller level.


If you live close enough to a fellow CBI media outlet to be able to tour another school’s facilities, I recommend you take advantage of the networking opportunity. It’s a cost-effective way of sharing ideas and an easy way of furthering CBI’s mission by providing professional opportunities to students.

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Student media in the news


Fonky Fresh: One Radio DJ’s Megnificent Origin Story

When I came to college, however, I realized that my casual hipsterdom just wasn’t cutting it at a university where most every student is at least marginally hipster. So, how do you step up your game when being a normal college hipster just isn’t enough anymore? You become a supreme college hipster, and sign up for DJ training classes at the campus radio station.

Read more from New University.

CMJ takes College Day on tour

This past Saturday, November 7, CMJ took Portland, Oregon, by storm. We hosted the first inaugural leg of College Day On Tour. Unsurprisingly comfortable rain greeted us, and we then proceeded to have a blast with partner stations KDUP and KPSU.

Read more from CMJ and Radio Survivor.

Editorial: Chicago’s public television drama: What to do with WYCC

Maybe you never noticed that Chicago has two public television stations: WTTW-Ch. 11 and WYCC-Ch. 20. That means twice as much “Downton Abbey.”

Two channels broadcasting one British upper-class melodrama? Sounds a bit posh. Well, it’s daft if it continues because the smaller station, WYCC, is owned by City Colleges of Chicago, which has a chance to sell the channel in a government auction for as much as $474 million.

Read more from the Chicago Tribune.

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Student media in the news


WSOU DJ spins his way to national award

“I’ve been the production manager for WSOU for about a year and a half now so it’s good to see the hard work paying off,” Flannery said. “The first person I called was my Mom.”

Read more from The Setonian.

Celebrating the 21st anniversary of Internet radio

Which brings me to this milestone. On November 7, 1994, the first-ever radio station Internet broadcast commenced. The source was WXYC, a college radio station at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was a huge technological feat for its day. The era of webcasting had begun. Read more about the history of webcasting here.

Read more from A Journal of Musical Things.

KBIA shakes up local radio scene in Columbia, Mo.

This week KBIA officially took over 90.5 FM, formerly Stephens College station KWWC-FM that played ’80s music and classic rock. The second broadcast frequency allows KBIA to greatly bolster its news content. Before this week, the station aired news in the morning and classical music from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays.

Read more from The Columbia Daily Tribune.


Plus, Radio Survivor’s tour of KRLX, College Radio Watch and their latest podcast episode.

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Student Media in the News


WKNC’s ‘Fridays on the Lawn’ series continues

WKNC 88.1 FM will host the next installment of its “Fridays on the Lawn” concert series on Friday, November 6. The event will feature a distinctly pop feel, with performances by Chapel Hill’s Sunshine Faces and Charlotte “post-internet emotive indie pop” quartet The Mineral Girls. The event begins at 5 p.m. on NC State’s Harris Field and is co-sponsored by the NC State Inter-Residence Council, Student Government and Panoplay.

For more information, check out the flyer.

Music Director at WJCU Breaks with National Association of Broadcasters in Letter to Congress Supporting Artist Pay for Radio Play

“A computer can never replace the power of the human touch. When I listen to music for The Heights I have only one focus: what will make my listeners sit up in their chair and reach for their phone to Shazam what they’re hearing? I play music that I think represents Cleveland. I measure my success in my job by the phone calls and emails I get from our listeners. Nothing else.”

Read more from The Huffington Post.

Private Iowa university launches Internet radio station

“We do not have a shortage of programming ideas coming in from the students,” said graduate student Ryan Bubulka, one of three student managers of the radio station.

Read more from The Daily Nonpareil.

Hillsdale College dedicates radio station

“The new campus radio station offers another great opportunity for our students here at Hillsdale,” John Miller, director of Hillsdale College’s Dow Journalism program, said. “This station will give our students first-hand experience in the art of communicating over the airways to large audiences. We are extremely grateful to Vince Benedetto and his team for their gracious efforts in making this possible.”

Read more from Hillsdale Daily News.

Plus, Radio Survivor recaps the week, tours Radio K and more!

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Board Blog: CBI Minneapolis engages, energizes, encourages


Enlightening, engaging, informative, unbelievable, a great experience, encouraging, energizing.

Warren Kozireski, CBI Immediate Past President

Warren Kozireski, CBI Immediate Past President

These are just a few of the superlatives I heard in conversations with attendees at the 2015 National Student Electronic Media Convention this week in Minneapolis.

It’s amazing what you can jam into two-and-a-half days: professional speakers such as Jana Shortal, Kim Insley and Cory Hepola from KARE-TV, Cory Provus PBP voice of the Minnesota Twins, Paul Allen PBP voice of the Minnesota Vikings, producer Falen Lambert of KDWB and dozens more with an average of six sessions every hour—over 100 in all!

The NPR Next Generation project headed up by Doug Mitchell and a team of local professional mentors, keynote speaker Clinton Forry, the 14th annual National Student Production Awards MCed by WCCO reporter Reg Chapman, a Social Swag Swap attended by several hundred attendees and our annual Student Cybercast. Not to mention an Exhibit Floor packed with the latest in equipment and software.

I’ll add my own adjective—amazing.

But the conversation continues on the CBI listservs and blog, the CBI Facebook and Twitter pages and through the great networking the student attendees did which will allow the ideas and assistance to happen year-round.

Congratulations to all of the student award winners, finalists, Exhibitor Bingo prize winners and those who attended this great conference.

CBI Philadelphia will be Oct. 20-22, 2016 at the Sonesta. I’m not sure it can get any better than this one, but we’re going to try.

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Board Blog: Three Ways College Radio Changed Helped me prepare for the Job Hunt


Amanda Reesman, CBI Student Representative

Amanda Reesman, CBI Student Representative

For Amanda Reesman’s last Board Blog entry as CBI Student Representative, she looks ahead to how she can apply her student media skills while on the hunt for a job in the outside world.

1) Interview Skills
At 18 years old I walked in the office of Dr. Bailey positive I was the PERFECT promotions director. I was not at all prepared for the question being asked and to be honest I fell on my face a little. Flash forward three years and six directors’ interviews later and I know that I need to know at least the following things: What is required of the job? what qualification do I have? What and how can I improve the department? I know to be ready for any question, and confident in my answers.

2) Leadership experience
Leading a staff isn’t easy. There is a fine balance between being nice and making sure everyone’s work gets done. This is something some people are naturals at and other need to learn. College Radio gave me the opportunity at 19 years old to lead a staff of people who in some cases were older than me. It taught me how to lead not only by letting me lead but by allowing me to see how other lead.

3) Good work may not always be praised out loud but that doesn’t mean it isn’t Noticed!
Everyone likes to hear they’ve done a good job but sadly its not always said out loud for the whole world to hear. That doesn’t mean you should stop doing your best though because people do notice even if they don’t say so.

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Student Media in the News


Listeners outraged over college radio station going silent

WNTI 91.9 FM fans have no intention of staying silent about their favorite radio station going silent.

Within hours of the Centenary College public radio station abruptly disappearing from the airwaves Monday, they took to a different medium to express their outrage.

Read more from Lehigh Valley Live.

WXPN to take over Centenary College radio station in $1.25M deal

WNTI 91.9 FM, the popular Centenary College public radio station that abruptly disappeared from the airwaves last week, is going Ivy League.

WXPN 88.5 FM, another public radio station owned by the University of Pennsylvania, has bought Hackettstown-based WNTI for $1.25 million, according to a joint statement issued Monday morning by Centenary and WXPN.

Read more from Lehigh Valley Live.

Merrimack Radio officially on air

The radio station at Merrimack College is officially on the airwaves. The long time project to get a radio station on campus started about two years ago as a total student effort. The project took off last year as graduate Lisa Vasallo worked closely with Dr. Jake Turner, making the future radio station her senior capstone project.

“Last year, Lisa Vasallo asked Jake if she could start the process of creating a station as her honors capstone project. She put together a proposal for SGA, found our service provider, Backbone, and met with the President’s office to make sure this was feasible… I was brought in a year ago to replace Lisa when she graduated,” Lindsy Goldberg stated.

Read more from The Beacon.

WJJW’s increased programming is trending

MCLA’s radio station, 91.1 FM WJJW, features a variety of different shows, styles of music, and commentary. This year marks the highest amount of programming in the station’s history with over 106 hours of content over the course of the week.

From metal to top 40 pop hits, WJJW provides listeners with an exceptionally broad range of music and shows dedication to sports both on campus and national. The station aims to provide content for every type of listener.

Read more from The Beacon.

Inside WKCR: Columbia’s radio station stays true to its roots

It’s a Friday afternoon, and the WKCR office on the second floor of Lerner Hall is filled with light jazz music.

“The show’s called Out to Lunch,” said Philip Masciantonio, director of broadcasting and operations for the student-run radio station. “It’s been running every weekday from 12 to three for about 40 or 45 years.”

Read more from The Columbia Spectator.

Plus, College Radio Day reports from:

KCSS at California State University Stanislaus

WMSC at Montclair State University

WPRK at Rollins College

And, a new episode of the Radio Survivor Podcast and news about October being College Radio Month.



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Student Media in the News


Tons of coverage from College Radio Day!

WMUL bring Quet, others to College Radio Day

KTXT The Raider celebrates College Radio Day

It’s College Radio Day Friday at Central Washington University

WVUR celebrates international tradition of indie music, student DJs

WUTK sheds light on radio journalists and highlights other aspects of college radio

Monmouth College WPFS launches new era of radio at Monmouth

WDCV hosts pop-up record store

Radio BUX at Bucks County Community College participates in their first CRD

WCLH On the Air for CRD

90.5 WERG celebrates College Radio Day

The University Pulse hosts celebration for College Radio Day

KMUW recognizes the creativity of college stations

WERG participates in College Radio Day

WWSP celebrates College Radio Day

UW Oshkosh’s WRST-FM joins national college radio celebration

KFKS to participate in College Radio Day

Michigan Tech WMTU hosts Live Music Bash for College Radio Day

And, more news from stations across the country:

After five-year hiatus, beloved Rice University radio station returns to FM dial

“Returning to the air is truly turning the page to a new chapter in KTRU’s history,” said one of KTRU’s music librarians, George Barrow, in a statement. “We’re returning to our roots with the on-campus, low-power transmitter.

Read more from Houston Culture Map.

Homecoming events to welcome alumni, engage students

Alumni will take over the student radio station, WMHW-FM 91.5, all Homecoming weekend for 48 hours from midnight Friday until midnight Saturday.

Brianne Tucker is an alumna who recently graduated. She that will be on the air for the 16th annual Alumni Takeover this weekend.

“I’m not one of those people who wishes they were still a college student. I like my life now,” Tucker said. “But I like getting back and experiencing the energy of a college campus that doesn’t really exist anywhere else.”

Read more from Central Michigan Life.

KRCU adds more music programming to their schedule

Jason Brown, operations director at KRCU as well as former host and producer of “The Elliot Potter Show,” said the program went off the air in 2013 because there wasn’t an audience for it. However, people quickly seemed to miss getting their dose of new music they should be listening to, and Brown decided to bring that model back again with “Left of the Dial.”

Read more from the Arrow.

New Sweet Briar radio station involves students, community

“We try to (make) it an open canvas for students to try to do things that can build themselves up and try to have their own experiences while also giving them a really nice platform to experiment with public speaking, public relations, connecting with bands or with their community,” said Madeline Artibee, a senior studying anthropology at Sweet Briar who DJs at the station. “Whatever way they want to get involved, they can.”

Read more from the Washington Post.

WRUB radio helps UB students learn DJ skills, share with community

“WRUB stands for ‘We Are UB,’ and I think that our name says it all,” said Gabrielle Cohen, general manager of WRUB and a junior environmental design major. “We are UB’s voice to the students via radio, whether it be music or talk radio and we really strive to make WRUB inclusive of all listeners.”

Read more from The Spectrum.

Pasadena City College Lancer Radio proof that radio is still alive

When people were tuning out, Sarah Barker was tuning in.

When the radio station KPCC left the Pasadena City College campus in 2010, the school’s television and radio instructor seized the opportunity to build the institution’s lesser-known Lancer Radio into something better.

Now, after five years of grant writing, the college radio station has moved into a new space and has updated equipment to ensure students get a great start in a career in radio.

Read more from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.


Plus, Radio Survivor gives tips on supporting CRD, and their latest podcast episode.

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