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There are two types of membership in CBI:

  • Station Members
    • Station members are single university or college radio or television station or other electronic media organization.
      • Click here to download a station membership application in .pdf format.
  • Associate Members
    • The Associate Membership Program is for individuals, small businesses and large corporations who share the interests and goals of college broadcasters and/or do business with college media organizations.  Associate Members are non-voting members who enjoy all the privileges of membership in CBI except the right to hold office.  Proceeds from the Associate Membership Program help support CBI’s activities on behalf of student and college broadcasters nationwide.  The program also helps raises awareness of your business and services among CBI members.
      • Click here to download and associate member application in .pdf format.

Q: Why join College Broadcasters, Inc.?

A: CBI represents students involved in radio, television, webcasting and other related media activities. With a commitment to cooperative efforts, CBI is bringing more resources to the members of the organization. These resources are technical, legal, organizational promotional and political. The listservs provide students, advisers and professional staff members a forum to share ideas and ask questions. Answers to questions come from all perspectives, including peers, industry professionals and even the FCC.

  • Membership also entitles stations to send students to the annual National Student Electronic Media at a discount. If you send enough members (4), the savings will more than pay for membership. And don’t forget the awards! Each year at the national convention, there are the awards! Each member station is entitled to enter the awards competition, with NO ENTRY FEE .
  • CBI has a growing list of partners who offer discounts on top of their normally discounted prices for educational stations. These discounts often more than offset the cost of membership
  • The E-mail lists! There are four lists with students, advisers, and professionals in broadcasting and allied fields.
  • Discounted Conference Registration for station Staff (this alone can save your station more than the cost of membership!)
  • Newsletter. The CBI newsletter is mailed to stations (more than 1200) across the nation 4x per year!
  • Discounted On-Line Legal Handbook. Representation with the FCC and Copyright Office. CBI has filed comments, reply comments and court documents on the behalf of the educational community and has been largely successful and continues to work on your behalf. Your membership not only adds to our resources to do the right thing, but also encourages us to fight for you!
  • True representation. Did any organization that represents your interests seek your input concerning the requirement to RECORD ALL OF YOUR PROGRAMMING for 16 hours a day and retain those recordings for 60 – 90 days? CBI did and the input from its members were included in our comments before the FCC.
  • Discounts on services and gear including: Discounted rates at Live365 including a 25 percent discount on the Live365 regularly priced setup fee and 15 percent off monthly streaming fees. Discounted Engineering services. CBI has worked with Communications Technologies, Inc. to offer a 10 percent discount for members above the already discounted rates for NCE stations! LPB discounts: 5 percent on Equipment and the 10 percent for Services. A 40 percent discount from Spacial Audio. This discount applies to all software product lines, Stream and Web Hosting resources and development and support services.
  • Networking. CBI partners with many local, regional and national organizations. Your membership allows you access and visibility to representatives from these organizations.
  • Legal Consultations. (Contact a board member for access to these privileges.)

Other Opportunities to Work with CBI:


CBI is also actively seeking donors that wish to further the goals of college broadcasters. Here is how your donation can help:

Awards Program Sponsorship

You could help a student who can’t afford college reach their dreams!* You can help sustain this organization. We are working on a number of organizational development plans to better serve the membership.* You can help by offering co-branded scholarship.* You can help by getting involved with sponsoring trips to the annual convention!* You can help by offering discounted products and services to students. To discuss how you want your corporate donation handled, please contact us here.